Enjoy the Benefits of Atia’s Blessing in Axie Infinity
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Enjoy the Benefits of Atia’s Blessing in Axie Infinity

Atia’s Blessing is here in Lunacia! You can activate it by doing a simple transaction through the Atia Shrine on your App.axie account. It gives you more Moonshards when you play Ranked Battles in Origins.

So, the longer you keep using Atia’s Blessing, the more Moonshards you’ll get!

Meet Atia, the Sun God

Atia is the Sun God who discovered Lunacia. Once upon a time, the evil Chimera made Atia sick. But Atia’s heart kept the light shining on Lunacia.

This bravery created the first Supreme axies, who later became the axies we play with in Origins and more.

Additionally, people all over the world can now pray to Atia at the special shrine. In return, they receive Atia’s Blessing and get better rewards from battles.

Meet Atia, the Sun God

Blessings and Rewards

Firstly, you can find the Atia Shrine on your Axie Infinity app account dashboard. When you activate Atia’s Blessing, you’ll automatically get more rewards in Origins. These special rewards are called blessings.

So, the more days you consecutively activate the blessing, the more blessings you’ll earn. If you visit the shrine for seven days in a row, you’ll get 12% more Moonshards from every Ranked Battle in Origins.

Keep the streak going, and after 15 days, you’ll receive 15% more Moonshards from Ranked Battles, and you’ll also earn 1 SLP from Ranked Battles with Stamina.

Blessings and Rewards

Gaining Atia’s Blessing via App.axie

Secondly, to activate Atia’s Blessing, go to your App.axie account dashboard. Click on “Gain Atia’s Blessing” and do a small transaction. You’ll need a bit of RON, which you can get there.

Atia’s Blessing Social Challenge

Finally, to celebrate the launch of Atia’s Blessing, the game platform is hosting a special contest. If you earn a streak of 15 blessings, take a screenshot, and tweet it between June 7th and June 21st.

So, don’t forget to tag @axieinfinity and use the hashtag #AtiasBlessing. Three lucky winners will be randomly chosen to receive a Japanese axie!

Final Thoughts on this Addition to Axie Infinity

Atia’s Blessing is an exciting addition to the world of Axie. Although it’s currently connected to Origins, the Atia Shrine may offer blessings for other Axie experiences in the future.

Some players might remember Bean’s blessing from before, and now Atia’s Blessing brings a fresh opportunity. Enjoy the benefits of Atia’s Blessing and have fun exploring the universe of Axie Infinity!

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