Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Mystic Era Goes Live
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Mystic Era Goes Live

Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Mystic Era is now live, and players can join this part of the competition. Since the launch of this series, many players have been beneficiaries. Following the end of the Epic Era, the team wants to end this season on a high note.

Therefore, Season 4 Mystic Era will have significant rewards for participants. In addition, the team is introducing new features that will make gaming more exciting. The Axie developers have also fixed some bugs and other defaults that will distort gameplay.

Details of Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Mystic Era

The Mystic Era will go live on the 7th of June and continue for the next two weeks. It also boasts a prize pool of 50,293 $AXS, which is 45% of the total reward in season 4. Up to 20,000 users will share this amount according to their position on the leaderboard.

Besides tokens, there will be bonus compensation like Puffy and Venoki cosmetics available to contestants. Up to one million participants will earn these additional prizes according to their finishing positions on the ratings.

Atia’s Blessings and Gift of RON

As with usual practice, Axie Infinity will unlock more power-ups in the Origins Season 4 Epic Era. One of the new additions is Atia’s Blessings. Players will be able to access this booster from their dashboard.

Simply visit Atia’s Shrine to trigger an automatic transaction in Ronin. Triggering this transaction will boost the player’s rewards in Origins. More so, people can improve their earnings by visiting the shrine on a consecutive basis.

Below is a representation of what players will benefit from when they obtain Atia’s Blessings:

  • 1 day: 6% extra moon shards
  • 2 days: 8% extra moon shards
  • 4 days: 10% extra moon shards
  • 7 days: 12% extra moon shards
  • 10 days: 15% extra moon shards
  • 15 days: 15% extra moon shards and $SLP

This bonus will reach its maximum limit after a 15-day streak, and players cannot earn more. However, they can maintain the power-up by keeping the streak.

Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is giving out $RON to users who participated in Origins last month. This reward will be randomly distributed to users who meet these criteria and have a Ronin Wallet.

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