Axie Infinity Releases Competitive Axie Grants Updates
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Axie Infinity Releases Competitive Axie Grants Updates

Axie Infinity has released the competitive grants updates. The previous eSports Grant 3 is coming to an end, and the team is already making plans for a new edition. However, there will be significant changes. Therefore, Sky Mavis is ensuring that players are aware of these modifications.

Details of the Axie Infinity Competitive Axie Grants Updates

First of all, Axie Infinity is increasing the diversity of games that can apply for this edition of the grant. The list will feature Axie Classic and Axie DoLL gaming options. By utilizing this approach, smaller communities will have better opportunities to participate in gameplay. The team wants to foster more exciting and captivating competitions.

Organizers can borrow from the following ideas when submitting proposals for contests:

  • Using Classic axies in Origins
  • Pick or bans
  • No same part axies
  • Using Origins axies in Classic
  • Same body or color axies
  • No same class
  • Using only collector axies.

Besides these suggestions, community members can be creative and use their intuition. For example, they can set a rule that any axie that dies during a game cannot be used in subsequent battles. There are many other ideas people can incorporate to make contests more interesting.

Meanwhile, the Axie Infinity Competitive Axie Grants Updates state that applications will occur on an ongoing basis. Before now, organizers had to submit their applications in a bid to beat deadlines quickly. This method made tracking difficult for both players and viewers.

In this regard, Axie Infinity is resorting to allowing applications on a continuous basis. This grant people more time to carefully prepare and submit their proposal. Meanwhile, interested Lunancians can apply for a grant by filling out this Sky Mavis Typeform.

Starter Axie Race Contest

Starter Axie Race Contest

Axie Infinity has launched the Starter Axie Race Contest. This event is the second Origins contest and will run from the 2nd to the 7th of July. Participants will be judged according to their speed. There are different missions and those who complete them first will climb the leaderboard quicker.

More so, this contest features 4 milestones, and players will earn prizes as they attain these achievements. There are specific points assigned to every task that those who accomplish these assignments will receive. However, those who complete their missions on their first trial will receive 2,000 points and rank top of the ratings.

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