Magic Craft Releases Patch V4.21 For Android and iOS Devices
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Magic Craft Releases Patch V4.21 For Android and iOS Devices

Magic Craft has released the patch V4.21 of its games. This update features new and exciting features that players will enjoy. The team is rolling issuing this upgrade to ensure that users enjoy a premium gaming experience. While announcing the new software, the team also shared insights into what to expect.

Details of the Magic Craft Patch V4.21

While unveiling the update, Magic Craft stated that there will be Android and iOS versions. Players should visit the Google PlayStore and the Apple Store to download the version that suits their device. PC users can visit the Magic Craft website to download an edition that is designed especially for computers.

Details of the Magic Craft Patch V4.21

The first highlight of Magic Craft Patch V4.21 is the addition of a new map. Known as the Cloud Terrace, it is the ninth map of the game. This is a battlefield located high up in the skies that will test players’ tactics in high altitudes.

Meanwhile, the developers have designed a more sophisticated gaming interface. In addition, the Trueshot now echoes through the entire battleground. These improved visuals and sound effects will further improve the gameplay experience.

More so, users can now ascertain their magical abilities. This is because Event Statistics are now part of the game’s database. Furthermore, they can track their progress through the “Points Earned” feature. This information will help them prepare better for the next battles they will engage in.

Magic Craft offers players a potion that will accurately show the available servers. In addition, this feature will keep them aware of the quality of their network connection. It is now easier than before for individuals to create games. Even better, they can begin gaming even when some players have not connected. The aim of this new attribute is to hasten the matchmaking process and ensure seamless gameplay.

Bug Fixes and Other Updates

As part of this patch, Magic Craft has fixed the following bugs:

  • Incorrect display of capture points.
  • Inaccurate tracking of tokens spent.
  • Glitches as a result of a drop in the frames per second rate.
  • Gameplay crashes while playing Escort Mode on the Ancient Swamps map.
  • Invincible walls obstruct movements in the heart of the Emergate map.

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