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How much does Sandbox Metaverse Land Cost?

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 just ended, and it was an exciting experience. Players could participate in multiple experiences across the Sandverse and earn massive rewards. While some opportunities were open to everyone, some required gamers to own or hold specific parcels of Land within the metaverse.

While this may seem unfair, Land sale within the Sandbox is essential for maintaining the in-game economy. Besides that, it also offers fantastic benefits to its owners. Holders can participate in exceptional experiences, stake their plots and get tokenized or NFT rewards.

How Much Does Sandbox Metaverse?

Before determining how much plots within the Sandbox metaverse cost, we must understand how the Land distribution system works. There are two types of Land within the Sandverse, as shown below:

  • Regular: These are virtual plots with no additional benefits launched without key partners.
  • Premium: Unlike regular real estate, premium land is often launched in partnership with recognized individuals or corporations. In addition, they are located close to social hubs and offer better rewards.

Players can combine multiple portions of land to form estates. Below is the breakdown of how to create an estate with multiple 1×1 Lands:

  • Small Estate: 9 Lands
  • Medium Estate: 36 Lands
  • Large Estate: 144 Lands
  • Extra Large Estate: 576 Land

Estates are beneficial to players as they enable users to create districts. These are not just plots of virtual real estate, districts offer DAO benefits, and players can attack more traffic to their area. Below are the criteria for creating a district:

  • Estates from multiple owners.
  • Lands must be adjacent to each other.
  • Landowners must stake the required amount of Land.

How Much Can Players By Owning Lands

First, staking Sandbox metaverse Land will allow players to get $SAND as a reward. In addition, owners can also rent out their virtual plots to other users and get passive income. On the other hand, they can build billboards on their lands and use them to promote their businesses. Furthermore, landowners can also sell products or offer various services within Sandverse.

Anyone familiar with The Sandbox will tell you that Districts are money-making machines.  The primary function of this game is to offer players experiences. To do so, Sandbox must not always partner with only famous figures like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, etc. District owners can organize their gameplay modes and launch them within their areas. They can also throw events and launch giveaways to promote their regions within the game.

There are no limits to how much landowners can earn simply by owning virtual plots within the Sandbox metaverse. They can also sell it in exchange for $SAND and swap it for other cryptocurrencies or fiat tokens. These Lands are available for sale on OpenSea.

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