Nakamoto Games Bubble Shooter
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Nakamoto Games Releases Bubble Shooter

Nakamoto Games releases Bubble Shooter on the 4th of November, 2022. The new addition takes the total number of projects in this ecosystem to 21. Meanwhile, this game will employ the free-to-play model and give every player an opportunity. This announcement precedes an earlier update on a complete system enhancement.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Bubble Shooter

The Nakamoto Games Bubble Shooter is a combination of Tetris and Connect Four. The gameplay of this addictive game is to collect points by bursting coloured bubbles. To do this, players must connect at least three bubbles of similar colours to destroy them. The process continues till players run out of space to shoot. This genre of playing activity is trendy, and there are similar versions of this in traditional games.

As mentioned earlier, the game will be free to play. According to Nakamoto Games, this approach will help players get accustomed to the game before investing $NAKA. It will also enable them to develop working strategies and increase their chances of winning. Although Bubble Shooter will go live on November 4th, it is not until the following week before it becomes a fully-fledged game. By then, the team will introduce lucrative prizes that winners will receive through active participation.

While issuing the press release, this GameFi ecosystem reassures its community of plans to offer an immersive user experience. As such, the team will only introduce novel games to the current crop of projects. They believe offering quality gameplay options will help them grow at a very fast pace and keep up with industry demands. Launching Bubble Shooter is part of the process and a stride towards building expansive and diverse play-to-earn options for users globally. As such, the team is encouraging everyone to visit the official website and try this new addition for free before the proper launch.

NAKAPUNKS to Debut on Instagram

NAKAPUNKS on Instagram

Earlier on, Nakamoto games launched NAKAPUNKS – a collection of 10,000 NFTs. As mentioned during the press release, holders of this asset will receive NAKAVERSE land worth $500, profit sharing and Satoshi Gaming Club membership. However, the benefits of holding this non-fungible token are expanding to social media. This is because Meta has announced that users will soon be able to purchase digital collectibles directly from Instagram.

The company is already working with Polygon to develop an end-to-end toolkit to enable holders to design and trade virtual items on the platform. This feature is already available to a small group in the US. However, Meta plans to expand to other countries soon. Nakamoto will be working towards making NAKAPUNKS available on Instagram when this marketplace goes live.

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