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Sandbox Announces The Mega City Land Sale

Sandbox announced that it will be entering strategic partnerships to create a Mega City. This Mega City will feature film, music, entertainment, acting, professional services, finance, real estate, and gaming. Moreso, development of the city is underway and users will be able to access it in no time.

Therefore, players will be able to own LANDs and other in-game assets as exclusive NFTs soon. Speaking of LAND, it will become available sooner rather than later. This is because Sandbox is announcing the sale of the Mega City Land Sale.

This announcement was made via the Sandbox Medium Page. Here are the details of this Land sale.

Details of the Sandbox Mega City Land Sale

This sale will hold on the 13th of January 2022 at 1 PM UTC. Come the 13th, there will be 61 regular LANDs and 95 premium LANDs for sale. The regular LAND will sell for 1,011 SAND. For premium LANDs, buyers will have to pay 4,683 SAND to acquire them. Also, there will be estates up for grabs too. Unlike LANDs, they will sell via an auction method.

LANDs in the Sandbox Mega City Land Sale

Sandbox did not yet state if there will be entry level bids. They did not also state how much will be the entry level bid. However, the game promises to drop links to the auction sales soon. Contrary to previous LAND sales, users will require ETH for the purpose of making purchase. This is because the sale will be done on the Ethereum platform.

Buyers who purchase premium LANDs will get a bundle of exclusive NFTs. These NFTs include: Curio, SHK Scallywag 100 Super Maxi, Gummy Villain, Davis — Little Fighter, Dreamergo in Black and Man Kong. These digital assets have various roles they will play in the Sandverse, as they are not just collectibles.

Sandbox Partners for The Mega City Project

As mentioned earlier, Sandbox will be partnering with certain outfits for this launch. One of them is Adrian Cheng. Adrian is an entrepreneur and strategic investor. He will be bringing his XL Estate of 24 x 24 LANDs to the Mega City. Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (SHK & Co) is another strategic partner through its $93M to the series B fundraising event. SHK & Co will also be having an XL estate in this City.

Its estate will combine finance, sports, art and culture from around the world. Also, Times Capital is a partner of the Mega City project. This blockchain-related investment and asset management institution will be bringing creators to the Sandbox gaming experience. Furthermore, award winning stars Stephen Fung and Shu Qi will also feature in this new City. They will be getting a 6×6 estate to showcase their talents. Other partners include: Dough-Boy@BlueArk, Little Fighter (LF) and Dreamergo.

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