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Rogue Pandas NFT Launch Holds on January 12, 2022

Rogue Pandas NFT, a female-led NFT-based, Casino-themed game platform, has announced the launch of its NFT tokens slated to take place on January 12, 2022, at 3 pm EST. The primary marketplace for the event is the Magic Eden Marketplace

There are a total of 7,777 Rogue Pandas available for the event and each would be sold for 0.777 SOL. These  Pandas are digital collectibles hosted on Solana Blockchain. Holders will be able to mint, collect and trade these assets on the marketplace. 

The Rogue Pandas are a combination of rare and beautiful properties and accessories with distinctive features. Suffice to mention that not all Rogue Pandas will be available for sale during the event. Some will be used as rewards and giveaways within the game community.

What to Know about the Rogue Pandas

There are three bifurcations of Panda type, and they are Joker, Zombie, and Normal. Each comes in three different colors with the rarest being the Rare Red Color and Rare Blue Color. The pandas also have specific eye traits, which include Straight Eyes, Happy Eyes, and Winky Eyes. 

They all come in various colors, such as Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, and more. Other accessories are associated with the Rogue Pandas, such as eyewear and bodywear. 

rogue pandas

The eyewear includes assorted Eye accessories such as VR Glasses, Pirate Eye Patches, and Sleeping Masks, among others. Bodywear includes a range of clothing, such as jumpers, biker jackets, workwear, kimono, and body tattoo, among others.

What to Expect from the Rogue Panda NFTs

The first step towards owning a Rogue Panda NFT is to participate in the minting event on January 12, 2022. After the minting event, the game platform will proceed to create a casino within the Metaverse and that is where the rewards come for NFT holders. 

All holders of the Rogue Panda NFT will get a share of all casino profits and the proceeds will be sent to the wallets that hold the Rogue Pandas. Additionally, holders of the Rogue Pandas will be invited to exclusive casino tournaments and events. Apart from owning unique and authentic art, NFT holders will also enjoy some add-on utility that is unique and unparalleled in the NFT Space today.

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