Genopets App Update v0.6.2 Goes Live
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Genopets App Update v0.6.2 Goes Live

Genopets has released the app update v0.6.2. Following the launch of this upgrade, players will be able to use energy boosters within the app. In addition, the team is fixing various bugs and defaults. This will ensure that users enjoy seamless gameplay.

The app will now feature an AI assistant that will guide born new and existing players. Known as W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R, this tool will offer users helpful tips and guidelines.

Details of the Genopets App Update v0.6.2

This new version will help players to share their achievements with the community. People can now post the milestones they achieve via Facebook, Instagram, and several other platforms. Genopets wants users to inspire others by displaying their accomplishments.

Besides sharing their feats, Genopets app update v0.6.2 will show the energy conversion process. The game wants to prove transparency. In this regard, it will break down how the steps people take daily translate into energy for their pets.

Details of the Genopets App Update v0.6.2

Besides ensuring fairness, this new feature will enable people to strategize more efficiently in the private beta. They can easily ascertain when to take more steps and gather more energy.

Nonetheless, they must care for their pet before banking the steps. The reason is that a pet’s mood is crucial to how much energy players can convert.

The highlight of this update is that individuals can now utilize the Alkali Booster within the app. This power-up significantly increases the energy users will receive after conversion. People can use this boost to level up much faster and overcome difficult challenges.

Furthermore, the Alkali Booster is now a limitless item within the game. This is contrary to the former one-and-done feature it previously had. While it has an infinite supply, there will be periodic limits as to how much people can use it. This will be followed by a cool-down time where these powers will refill.

The player’s feedback is the framework for the development of the update v0.6.2. Speaking of complaints, many people wanted to be able to preview costumes before making purchases.

Genopets took the head and is now making it possible for them to preview Cosmetic Crystals before applying them on their pet. Players will no longer have to worry about what colors will be best. This is a significant achievement, considering that pet masters can only use these digital items once.

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