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Spider Tanks Goes Live

Gala Games will launch the Spider Tanks game on the 31st of October. While issuing this announcement, the team hinted at possible changes to the prices of accessories. They also unveiled a new avatar that players can use to dominate their opponents. There will also be a litepaper release regarding the intricate details of this new addition.

Details of the Spider Tanks

According to Gala Spider Tanks is the first esports game to be developed on a blockchain. This project was designed by GAMEDIA developers and published by the renowned GameFi company. It involves more than an adrenaline rush type of gameplay and player empowerment. The program is a whole new universe with different gaming modes to be explored, stories to be learned, and secrets to be revealed.

This blockchain gaming ecosystem consists of Map owners, Planetary Node operators and a community of players. However, this group will expand as time goes on. Speaking of which, these authorization benefits are limited as validators will only over gaming transactions. Interested investors are advised to get some for themselves before they run out. They can also read through an earlier published blog post to learn more about the process.

Meanwhile, the team is introducing “in-your-face style of Spider Tanks props“. These features will make your gameplay experience and victories in the arena more memorable. Besides personalizing their combat vehicles, players can also get other gameplay benefits from using these customizations. Tank props come in tiers, and the current grades will soon sell out. When this happens, the price of the next level will double. Nonetheless, there is a 60% discount for the current items.

JACKED O’Lantern

Spider Tanks Jacked O'Lantern

To prepare players for the release of Spider Tanks, Gala Games is unveiling JACKED O’Lantern. This is a pumpkin and Halloween-themed war vehicle. It closes down and extinguishes enemies at extreme speed. It sports significant Armour and Energy, such that it can best any other tank. With its strikes, it covers its enemies with tightening vines that slow down and damages them overtime.

This asset is a Hero Tank and comes with custom weapons designed for fast and squashy pumpkins. However, you can integrate parts of other tank to this one and vice versa. This is very crucial to help you beef up its soft side. In addition, this NFT excels in temporary standstill and help turn the tides in your favour.

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