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Genopets Issues the Habitat Anatomy Breakdown

In November last year, Genopets unveiled the Habitat and Crystal elements. Unlike regular NFTs, these offer value both within and outside gameplay. As a follow-up to that update, the team is issuing the Anatomy of a Habitat. This is a breakdown of every single feature of the virtual gameplay space, how it works and how to create.

In Genopets, Habitat is the home where pets reside. Unlike other digital assets, this asset is not predesigned. Instead, players must create every component and build it from scratch. In this regard, every piece is unique from the others and developed by individual players. Similarly, users also determine the rarity of the edifice’s Anatomy.

Features in the Genopets Habitat Anatomy

There are various features within the Genopets Habitat to ensure more immersive gameplay. By issuing this anatomy, the team intimates the community about them. For example, the system works with your phone’s clock to simulate day and night. As such, you and your pet will have similar sleeping schedules. Some formations will work with the elements to determine the interface of your NFT.

Habitat Day and Night Cycles

Key Structures

The Genopets Habitat Anatomy breakdown identifies sections that are essential to the existence of your Land NFT. They ensure that your habitat is organized. There are five types of structures: Fire, Metal, Water, Wood and Earth. Each of them has the following comp:

  • Laboratory: This is where you refine crystals for Alchemy.
  • Workshop: Not all NFTs are crafted with crystals. The workshop is where you can create these types of assets.
  • Portal: Habitats are safe havens hidden from the world within interdimensional pockets. The Esoteric Portal is the only means to enter or move between these places.
  • Lamps: Like their name states, they are just lanterns. However, you need them to light up your land.

Exclusive Features

Certain elements can make your Genopets Habitat unique from those of others. Although they are not essential, they give the anatomy significant facelifts. These are some of the exquisite attributes you can add to your plot:

  • Genesis Emblem: This is a symbol that separates Genesis Habitats from other ones. Especially as the first virtual space to exist within the Genoverse.
  • Guild Flag: There are custom flags for guilds that have invested significantly within the game. You can use these items in the place of lamps. Although they don’t have any additional utility, you can use them to identify with your community.
  • Elemental Power: “Elements” has been mentioned numerous times above. This is because they play influential roles in determining the colour and scheme of your habitat. Furthermore, it also defines the class of raw crystals that will appear on your Land.

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