Space Nation - The Cosmorathon Phase 1 Starts Today
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Space Nation – The Cosmorathon Phase 1 Starts Today


  • Cosmorathon: Intergalactic exploration event with OIK rewards.
  • Dates: From April 8 to June 16.
  • Eligibility: For holders of Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator NFTs.

The Cosmorathon, presented by Space Nation Online, is a revolutionary event that invites players to embark on an exciting intergalactic exploration with the opportunity to earn rewards in the OIK cryptocurrency.

With defined dates from April 8 to June 16, this event is divided into two crucial phases for participants.

The first phase, calledFaith“, begins on April 8 at 09:00 UTC and runs for ten weeks.

During this period, holders of Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator NFTs will have the opportunity to acquire OIK Shards daily, thus participating in a prize pool amounting to 10 million OIK.

Eligibility to obtain these rewards is clear: players must own Space Nations Alpha Gate or Prime Navigator NFTs.

These NFTs, which are not available for public sale, grant players the right to receive OIK Shards as a daily reward.

Every 10 OIK Shards accumulated can be converted into 1 OIK, thus increasing the value of potential rewards.

OIK Shards accumulated during the Space Nation Cosmorathon have an expiration date

After the event ends, these shards will no longer be able to be converted to OIK, underscoring the importance of closely monitoring the status of rewards in the Logistikos account.

The second phase of the event, called “Marathon”, is designed to expand the experience of participants.

At this stage, a variety of complementary social events are planned to be held that have not yet been revealed to the public.

This strategic planning seeks to enrich player participation by offering them a variety of interactive activities within the context of this exciting intergalactic odyssey.

By including these additional events, more opportunities are provided for players to actively engage in the Space Nation universe.

This means not only the ability to participate in more challenges and social activities, but also the opportunity to earn more rewards and advance your own trajectories within the blockchain game.

With the combination of exploration, rewards in OIK and the interactive community of Space Nation Online, the Cosmorathon presents itself as a unique experience that invites players to explore the unknown and create their own stellar legend on this fascinating journey through the cosmos.

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