Orbitau Top Referral Leaderboard Season 3
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Orbitau Launches Top Referral Leaderboard Season 3

Orbitau – a turn-based combat and socializing GameFi project has launches a new contest for users. The top referral leaderboard season 3 is now open. From 6 AM UTC on the 16th of June, players can begin onboarding new members. This will increase their chances of climbing up the rankings. They will have till 6 AM UTC on the 30th of June to get as many points as possible.

Even better, this edition features been more participants than the previous season in May 2022. While making this announcement, the team reveals that this is a campaign to celebrate the new game update. Besides featuring more contestants, there will also be increment in the incentives. As such, interested persons will get more ORI and bigger prizes for inviting their friends and families to joining the gaming network.

How to Join in the Orbitau Top Referral Leaderboard Season 3

To join the contest, kindly follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Orbitau website
  • Connect your wallet
  • Create a new account
  • Enter the email address of your referrer
  • Login to the game
  • Navigate the challenges from map 1-5. Then check your inventory for your reward – the Hero Chest.

After a new user gets his reward, the invited should also check their inventory to access their own incentive.


Top Referral Leaderboard Season 3 Prizes

During this 15-days periods, contestants will have the opportunity of climbing the leaderboard in the Orbitau top referral season 3. Although there are no limits to participation, only the top 100 ranking persons will receive rewards. It will take the following measures:

  • 1st position – 15000 ORI, 50 Level 5 Soulstones and 1 POSM
  • 2nd to 5th positions – 7000 ORI, 20 Level 4 Soulstones and 1 POSM each.
  • 6th to 10th positions – 4000 ORI, 20 Level 3 Soulstones and 1 POSm each
  • 11th to 2oth positions – 1000 ORI and 1 POSM each
  • 21st to 100th positions – 500 ORI each.

That is not all. Orbitau will be giving 10 random persons who rank within the positions of 21 – 100 1 POSM each. However, it did not state the criteria that such persons will have to meet.

Individuals who live outside of Vietnam can exchange their prize for 10 USDT each.

Rules and Regulations

  • Players must use the same game registration email as a referral code.
  • New players when registering an account need to enter the referrer’s email.
  • After a new player completes map 1-10, the referrer is counted as completing 1 referral.
  • To the end of the event, Orbitau team will base on the number of successful referrals to rank the referral leaderboard and announce the results.

Always check the leaderboard. The team will update it every hour.

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