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MOBOX and Trust Wallet Collaborate to Launch Valentine’s Day Contest

It is the season of love, and blockchain gaming projects are sharing it with their community members. However, MOBOX is taking it further by collaborating with Trust Wallet to launch its Valentine’s Day Contest. The title of this campaign is “The Epic Love Story of Trustie and Victoria“. Up to $30,000 worth of prizes for participants in this exercise.

There is a story behind the title of this campaign. It begins with Trsutue, a charming blue MOMO who went to get some fruits from the market. He met Victoria, a pink salesgirl who helped customers to purchase the best items. Like all love stories, Trustie falls in love with Victoria and asks her on a date. They went on a date and enjoyed each other’s company.

As they got accustomed to one another, their connection grew. Victoria was also certain that she wanted Trustie to be her life-long partner. Trustie asked Victoria to marry him and she accepted. The couple are now planning towards their wedding. MOBOX is launching the Valentine’s Day Contest to invite MOBOXers to join the Trustie and Victoria’s love story

Details of the MOBOX Valentine’s Day Contest

MOBOX Valentine's Day Contest Love Story

MOBOX and Trust Wallet Valentine’s Day Contest will run from 8:00 AM UTC on the 13th to 8:00 AM UTC on the 22nd of February. Within these 9 days, players will complete daily game tasks and event quests to receive rewards.

The prizes include:

  • 2 Epic Trust Wallet MOMOs
  • 2 Real Life Mystery Boxes
  • 1,500 $TWT coins
  • 1,200 MOBOX Avatars
  • 100 Gems
  • 12,000 Mini MOballs

The first 1,500 winners who complete daily tasks and meet the event criteria will receive a $TWT token. However, players will only receive $TWT tokens after the event ends. The reason is that the Trust Wallet Team will share this reward. However, contestants will receive all MOBOX-related prizes much earlier.

How to Participate

To join this contest, kindly follow these steps:

  • Download Trust Wallet via this special link.
  • Visit the MOBOX x Trust Wallet Valentine’s Event page.
  • Login to your Trust Wallet.
  • Follow @TrustWallet and @MOBOX_Official on Twitter
  • Retwwet the Event Tweet and tag 3 friends
  • Join MOBOX on Telegram & then Private message the MOBOX_Verify_Bot.
  • Log in to the MOMOverse.

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