Axie Infinity Valentine's Day Contest 2023
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Axie Infinity Launches Valentine’s Day Contest 2023

Axie Infinity has launched the Valentine’s Day Contest 2023. When the GameFi ecosystem released the Final Era of the origin Season 2, they announced a Valentine Daily Login Bonus. In this regard, everyone thought the team had concluded plans for the season of love.

After all, the rewards were substantial and players will earn them numerous times. This is in addition to the fact that users did not have to do much to gain from the prize pool. They simply had to access their accounts every day.

Details of the Axie Infinity Valentine’s Day Contest 2023

The Axie Infinity Valentine’s Day Contest 2023 is different from the Valentine Daily Login Bonus. While the latter will run from the 8th to the 14th of February, the former will begin on February 13th and end on February 17th. Meanwhile, players can participate and earn rewards from both campaigns. There are no restrictions.

The Valentine’s Day Contest 2023 will be the last campaign before the off-season begins. It offers users a final opportunity to breed, gift and release Axies. Between the 13th and 17th of February, payers will complete various missions. They will get assigned points for every task that they discharge.

Below are the different missions and their equivalent points:

  • Win a Ranked Arena Battle in Origins: 5 points
  • Win a Practice Arena Battle in Origins:  3 points
  • Win a Practice or Ranked Arena Battle in Origins with at least one Beast, Bug, Bird, Plant, Aqua or Reptile Axie: 20 points
  • Gift any Axie: 143 points
  • Breed any 2 Axies together: 143 points
  • Release an Axie: 200 points

Axie Infinity Valentine's Day Contest 2023 Rewards

Contestants will unlock milestones and receive significant rewards as they rack up points. Here are the equivalent prizes for different points accumulation:

  • 5 contest points: 100 Moonshard
  • 50 contest points: 200 Moonshard
  • 150 contest points: 300 Moonshard
  • 300 contest points: 400 Moonshard
  • 600 contest points: 500 Moonshard
    • 1000 contest points: 750 Moonshard, 1 VDAY 2023 Kiss Sticker and 1 Mystic Moon Dust
  • 1500 contest points: 1,000 Moonshard
  • 2000 contest points: 1,500 Moonshard, 1 VDAY 2023 Momo Avatar and 1 Mystic Moon Dust

Participants can also monitor their progress on the Leaderboard.

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