Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Final Era
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Axie Infinity Launches Origins Season 2: Final Era

Axie Infinity has launched Origins Season 2. This edition is titled the Final Era, and it comes after the end of the Mystic Era. Recall that the team also deployed a recent patch. This is the last opportunity for lunacians to climb the leaderboard in this series.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Final Era

Unlike the Mystic Era, the Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Final Era will be 2 weeks long. It will run from day 28 to day 42, according to the Origins Season 2 calendar. Nevertheless, the changes effected in the mystic era will continue taking effect. like the crafting that now takes three days to complete instead of 7. Meanwhile, the prize pool for this final lap is 50,400 $AXS. This amounts to 45% of the total rewards.

Within the next 14 days, all Runes and Charms will be available for trading and crafting. Meanwhile, players who played at least one game during the Mystic Era will receive a Sealed Mystic Charm Choice Box. They can redeem this asset anytime during Season 2. Axie Infinity expects the battles to be more intense. This is because players will be looking to cement their place in this final ranking.

As with prior editions, Axie Infinity will distribute rewards to players at the end of the campaign. This depends on their position on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, participants will be subject to an anti-cheat review.

Valentine Daily Login Bonus

Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Valentine Daily Login Bonus

Coincidentally, Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Final Era overlaps Valentine’s Day. In this regard, the team is creating a campaign incorporating the love season. As such, daily login bonuses will run from the 8th to the 14th of February, 2023.

Players who access their accounts every day will get different rewards in their inboxes. Those who make it to day 7 will get a massive reward. In addition, Valentine’s theme will also be added to the gameplay. This effect will be there till the end of Season 2.

Axie Origins Public Beta Environment Is Live

Meanwhile, the Axie Origin Public Beta Environment is now live. Players can visit their Mavis Hub and download the source file directly. The team is encouraging users to test it and share their feedback. Data obtained from this trial will serve as the framework for updates and balancing patches in the future.

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