Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Patch
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Axie Infinity Announces Origins Season 2 Patch

Axie Infinity has announced the release of Origins Season 2 Patch. This comes after the close of Season 1. The team is making significant changes ahead of the upcoming edition. There will be a modification of minting time for digital assets and the crafting mechanism. In addition, the team is also effecting changes to some cards.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Patch

The Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Patch will usher in the “Mystic Era”, which begins on the 1st of February, 2023. It also marks the end of the Epic Era. Unlike the previous reign, the Mystic Era will only last for one full week. However, the battles will be more intense because players will be vying for positions on the leaderboard within a minimal time.

Between Days 21 to 28, contestants will vie for the prize pool of 16,800 $AXS, which is 15% of the general prize pool of 112,000 $AXS. Meanwhile, they will be able to craft all Runes and Charms. The Master Crafting feature will also be available to everyone. This will ensure that they get all the firepower that they need. More so, players who played one game or more during the Epic Era will get a Sealed Mystic Rune Choice Box. They can redeem this asset at any point in Season 2.

Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Eras

One major highlight from the Origin Season 2 Patch is the reduction of minting time from 7 days to 3 days. Considering players only have one week to climb up the rating, the team wants to give everyone ample time to prepare their resources. All Runes and Charms you mint will be available within 72 hours from henceforth. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is introducing Mystic Moment. Using the Master Ronin recipe multiple times will increase your chance of crafting a Mystic Rune or Charm.

As mentioned in previous announcements, Axie Infinity is effecting significant changes to the Red Sage Plant Mystic Charm. They are increasing this card’s Base Stat (Healing and Shield) from 10% to 20%. In addition, there will also be alterations to the Jinx mechanics. It will now deal 10 DMG to passing Axies and Bad Luck to the opponent’s pile at the end of your turn.

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