Polkastarter Gaming Releases a Comprehensive Guide for Planet Mojo
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Polkastarter Gaming Releases a Comprehensive Guide for Planet Mojo

In preparation for the Mojo Brawl launch, Polkastarter Gaming, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has released a comprehensive guide on how to play the game. Players will be able to play Mojo Melee directly from Planet Mojo and win exciting prizes

It is worth mentioning that Planet Mojo is one of Polkastarter Gaming’s GAM3 Awards Best Esports game nominees. It offers players looking for exceptional auto-battlers game free entry into the metaverse.

In other words, players do not need to own an NFT to play the game. At the launch of the game, gamers will have the opportunity to win these NFTs while playing the game. They can also buy them directly from the marketplace.

How to Create a Planet Mojo Team

The first step in preparing for your first Planet Mojo match is to create a team. The game has a Team selection screen on the main menu with restricted slots for free-to-play gamers. NFT holders can expand their slots while playing the game.

A team is made up of one Mojo two spells, and four Champions. As you progress and rank in matches, you unlock new Spellstones, Champions, and Skins. Skins represent various clans in the Planet Mojo universe. Mojo Melee currently has limited Mojos, Spells, and Champions players can choose from.


Highlights of Available Mojos, Champions, and Spells

Mojos: Players can choose from Flower Mojo, Leaf Mojo, Moss Mojo, and Vine Mojo. Each has specific features and attributes as they relate to enemies and allies.

Champions: Available Champions in the game are Brooka Clawhaven, Sumatra Stronghorn, Dark Brightley, Zerlin the Lesser, Deth Kolo, Froda Swamphag, and Batakamus Rex. Each has distinct health, damage capability, and other features.

Spells: These are often overlooked but can help you leverage the situations in battles. The Spell Stones can unleash a powerful ability to the benefit of the Mojos and Champions. There are three types of Spell Stones. These are Team, Offensive, and Attachment.

How to Win at Mojo Melee

To make it through the crafty maze of Mojo Melee, you need to build a good team. Also, you must be able to make strategic decisions on the units to buy, when to reroll, and the units’ placement. 

Your team’s Mojo is deployed automatically to the arena at the start of the game. You can build and deploy teams in the arena before and during each round. Note that you must spend gold to buy Mojos, Champions, and Spells from the marketplace

It is crucial to create a team with two frontlines, a supporting character, and one damage dealer, to improve your chances of winning the game.

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