How to Get your First My DeFi Pet NFT
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How to Get your First My DeFi Pet NFT

My DeFi Pet is an NFT-based pet game with social features, trading, breeding, and daily challenges as parts of its mechanism. Starting with this game platform is simple and relatively budget-friendly. However, it still requires that you invest some crypto to get started. 

My DeFi Pet combines pet NFT collectibles and Decentralized Finance to create a rewarding lifestyle metaverse game. Moreover, the primary features of the game include collecting, trading, battling, socializing, and evolving. 

My DeFi Pet NFT: What is it?

My DeFi Pet NFT, known as DPET, is the in-game currency of the game and it has numerous uses. It is used for participating in the metaverse governance, buying items, and staking to earn more DPET tokens.

$DPET is the primary token used in My DeFi Pet metaverse and is available through Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. You can buy and sell this token on these marketplaces. Also, the game platform has another currency known as Silver. 

This token is also an in-game currency that is used for buying lands, pets, cages, and eggs in the metaverse.

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How to Get Your First My DeFi Pet NFT

Getting your first My DeFi Pet NFT is easy. There are two primary ways to get My DeFi Pet NFT. You can buy eggs or buy the NFT through the peer-to-peer marketplace. In addition, you need two pets to breed at the Happy Forest to get started. 

Steps to Buy Eggs

  • Visit the official website and open the game. 
  • Select “Shot” to buy an egg. This costs three DPETs. After completing your transaction, the egg is sent to your incubator, where you can click on it to hatch and reveal your new pet.

How to Buy NFTs from the Marketplace

You can purchase it from exchanges, such as PancakeSwap, Kucoin, and All you have to do is swap it with another currency using any payment method available on the platform. Moreover, each platform has its specific purchase instructions. 

When you choose an exchange for your purchase, you will find the simple steps to buy My DeFi Pet NFT. Also, to choose a marketplace:

  • Go to the official website, navigate to the main navigation bar and click on “Marketplace”.
  • You can sort the pets by rarity, element, stage, and class. Also, the costs of pets vary, with the cheapest being $0.05734 at the time of this writing.

You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, or Bank transfer to complete the transaction.

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