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Gamium CEOs Reassure Investors in This Bear Market

In light of the current NFT market situation, the CEOs of Gamium, Alberto and Alejandro Rosas, the Co-CEOs, and Co-founders of Gamium have penned a message of optimism to its gaming community.

The CEOs reiterate that the permanent support of the community is crucial to the team as the team works tirelessly to generate good results. According to the letter shared on the Medium page of the game metaverse, the gaming metaverse is an ambitious project and it has a well-defined mission.

The mission is to innovate how people interact within the digital space. The platform aims to build a truly decentralized social metaverse where these interactions can take place seamlessly. 

Highlights of the Message from Gamium CEOs

According to the CEOs of Gamium, the team made an accurate financial forecast with an understanding of the imminent bear market with adequate preparation. The team assures its community that the platform has the funds, the perfect team, passion, and desire to attain the set goals at the launch of the game platform.

The team of young, talented, and passionate professionals will continue to work hard to build products that will make a huge difference in the metaverse and web3 as it closes collaborations with partners that will bring more exceptional value to the Gamium ecosystem.


As part of the commitment to keep the metaverse and its ecosystem afloat during this bear market, the team is developing valuable software that will align with the growing market. All these are geared toward delivering value for the metaverse’s governance token, $GMM.

While the software development may not show in the value of the token in the short term, it will significantly reflect in the long run.

In rounding up the message, the CEOs emphasized the plans to launch a new era in web3 through the development of revolutionary products to create a high-value ecosystem that the community would love and be proud of.

More Details about Gamium

Gamium is a Metaverse and Web3 technology organization with a single mission of innovating how people interact in the digital space through the creation of a truly decentralized social metaverse.

The platform currently has two products in their development stages, which are GAMIUM APP and GAMIUM WORLD. Gamium App is an all-in-one app that enables users to develop and create Digital Identity and utilize the same across Metaverse and Web3 applications.

Gamium World, on the other hand, is a 3D endless digital world where Avatars can explore, have fun, socialize, innovate and create without limit, and earn achievements in Genesis and the surroundings.

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