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Gamium Announces $GMM Staking

Gamium, the first Decentralized Social Metaverse announces the staking of $GMM. This is the underlying utility and reward token of the game. Following this update, it also issued a tutorial on how to stake.

The $GMM staking goes live on the 28th of April 2022 on the Gamium staking website. Once users deposit their token, they will begin receiving APY from the first day. This depends on the amount users lock and the during. However, the minimum lock period is one month. Furthermore, users can stake a minimum of 1 $GMM. There is no maximum amount as to the amount that users can stake. More so, there will be a dashboard where users can view metrics like $GMM Staked, total value locked and % APR.

However, the rewards are not the only limited to GMM. Participants can also earn $MST and LAND tickets. However, they will only be able to claim the new token when it launches in Q3 2022. For the tickets, players can accumulate and use them to get discount on future LAND NFTs sales in the future.

How to Participate in the $GMM Staking

Connect your wallet: To participate in the $GMM staking, users need to have a non-custodial wallet like Metamask. Also ensure that you have $BNB tokens, as it will serve as payment for the network fee. Proceed to connecting your wallet to the staking platform. Also ensure to connect via the BNB Chain network.

Choose a Pool: there are two different pools in this staking event. One of them is the $GMM pool that requires only $GMM tokens. On the other hand is the GMM/BUSD pool that requires Liquidity Provider tokens. Each of them have their APR rewards, entry amounts, terms and conditions.

Gamium Community Pre-Sale Round of $GMM

Fund Your Wallet: depending on the pool you choose, ensure you have the right amount of token. They can acquire GMM/BUSD LP token using this link: Similarly, those who want to stake $GMM can either purchase from Pancakeswap or other centralized exchanges where the token is listed. After purchasing the necessary tokens, users can proceed to the staking proper.

Stake on Your Preferred Pool: Users interested in the GMM-BUSD Pool should provide liquidity in the Pancakeswap link stated above. Simply select the period which you want to lock your tokens and the amount you want to stake. To complete the process, you will have to approve the transaction. Once the time elapses, you can claim your rewards by clicking on the “Unstake” button.

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