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MOBOX Set to Launch MOMOverse Dawn

MOBOX, a cross-platform gaming NFTs & DeFi yield farming game metaverse, is pleased to announce the launch of MOMOverse Dawn with a fully upgraded user interface. The game metaverse has assured that the UI of the MOMOverse official version will be unified and concise.

The launch event was held on April 28, 2022. Suffice to mention that the official version of MOMOverse features a material repurchase system, which will allow holders of materials acquired through crafting to sell the same to repurchase NPCs and then earn MBOX with it.

How Does the Buyback System Work?

Players can receive buyback MBOX immediately after they submit all materials in their backpacks. To receive the buyback MBOX immediately, you have to submit the materials buyback applications before the submission deadline.

Players that submit their buyback applications after the deadline will receive the buyback MBOX on the next day. It is worth mentioning that the material buyback system is currently open and will close immediately after the gameplay of MOMO home gets online.

Players can retain their crafted materials until the launch of the home for crafting and building advanced items. The application submission deadline is 2:00 am UTC daily and the repurchase MBOX distribution is at 4:00 am UTC daily also.

The highlight of the Combine System Update

MOBOX has announced that it will rename “Combine” as “Craft”. Also, two extra crafting line-ups in the initial crafting system will be unlocked. This will be done through the building of the corresponding buildings within the MOMO home.

The original state of the mastery level is 0 and standard crafting that does not require MBOX will be unlocked after the mastery level increases to level 1 with advanced crafting.


Updates on MOMOverse Login

MOMOverse login has been updated and it will no longer be restricted to using only the BNB wallet. Players can use the MOBOX account in the Dawn Launch version without any wallet signatures. This update is designed to offer a better user experience for all players.

MOBOX has also designed a range of interoperable systems to make the NFTS cross-platform interoperable. The Dawn release version will support the ecological partners of MOBOX NFTs for the first time. MOBOX has assured that MOMOverse will offer NFTs support for more ecological partners and favorite NFT Collections of players.

More Details about the Dawn Launch

All MOMOverse products will be stored on the blockchain permanently after the launch of the Dawn. All resources will also be migrated as NFT or Token as MRC 721, MRC-20, and MRC-1155. More updates are expected on the game metaverse in May and they will include Mystery Box Raffle, MOMO Boxing, MOMOverse Friends, and more.

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