MOBOX Issues Its Community Update #35
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MOBOX Issues Its Community Update #35

MOBOX is giving MOBOXers an insight into currents developments via the community update #35. This announcement also includes the milestones it has reached in recent times. They include the launch of the MOLand Defense Season 1 and the MOMOverse Beta Test.

Details of the MOBOX Community Update #35

Part of the MOBOX community update #35 is the launching of the MOLand Defence Season 1 on the 14th of April. This is the maiden edition of this competition. As such, MOBOX gave details on how this contest will proceed. Each season will last for 2 weeks. Therefore, season 1 will end on the 28th of April at 3 AM UTC. At the start of each, the game will transfer 5% of the total prize pool to the season’s prize pool. This will be in addition to the 600,000MEC total ranking reward.

Interested persons can still join the contest at the MOBOX official website. Other features that will be available in the MOLand season include:

  • In-game marketplace
  • Chapter season ranking
  • Optimization of the season settlement
  • Adjustment of the rules for losing stars in the Arena.
  • Changes in the attributes of Rank Stats Bonus and Hero Stars
  • Optimization of the experience of some system
  • Improvement of performance

MOMOverse Beta Test

The Momoverse beta test is currently ongoing and will continue till 08:00 UTC on the 28th of April. The game hopes to achieve the following from this trial event:

  • Improvement of the UI to provide residents with a more concise and user-friendly interface.
  • Addition of a friend system to enable residents to view the other residents’ personal cards and friendships with others.
  • Introduction of an announcement board where users can click to view recent information,
  • Inclusion of a Gaming Marsh and the launching of the first Gaming Marsh – “Stand to the End” in the game area.
  • Addition of partner buildings in the metaverse.

Other Updates

MOBOX is teaming up with Binance to deliver a Learn and Trade MBOX competition. Users will be able to earn from the $100,000 worth of MBOX and 1000 unique MOMOverse NFT avatars prize pool. This trading contest will end on the 21st of April 2022 by 11:59 PM UTC. More details and T&C’s on Binance’s support article website.

Season 4 of the MOBOX Edition of the ChainZ Arena is also set to be launched on the 21st of April. There will be 5 new additional heroes in this season. They include Honzu, Bada, Grandma Time, Slowpoke and Nightstalker. Also, there will be adjustments to the leaderboard and various in-game effects.

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