MOBOX Launches Chainz Arena MOBOX Edition S1
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Chainz Arena: MOBOX EDITION S1 Launches on January 25th

MOBOX launches the Chainz Arena: MOBOX EDITION S1 today the 25th of January 2022. The time for the launch is 8:00 UTC. This edition will run for four weeks. This means that it will end by 3:00 UTC on the 23rd of February 2022.

Over the next four weeks, players will be able to earn amazing rewards. This is because MOBOX is adding 1,000,000 MBOX to the initial reward pool. Details of this announcement came via the MOBOX Community website. Here are the details of this Chainz Arena Edition.

Details of the Chainz Arena: MOBOX EDITION S1

In this edition, MOBOX will adjust the ratio of total adventure points to season adventure points. The season adventure points will be equal to the total adventure points multiplied by 150%. With the adjustment of adventure points, fixed bound heroes can now receive adventure points rewards. Another adjustment is that of Heroes evolve MEC request. MOBOX is also adjusting daily chest, guild store price, hero upgrade and MOMO pass data.

Chainz Arena MOBOX Edition S1Chainz Arena MOBOX Edition S1

In addition, MOBOX will be introducing a coupon system. Players will get 0.15 MBOX coupon reward for every 1 MBOX they consume in the Chainz Arena MOBOX Edition. However, this coupon does not apply to trade on exchange. Players will be able to use coupon rewards in the next season of Chainz Arena. They can use them for everything else, except trade on exchange and some special items.

In this season, MOBOX is removing the lucky wheel. There will also be changes to open heroes and items market. Therefore, players can only trade unbound epic heroes and legendary heroes in the market. They can also trade equipment, artifacts and runes with quality higher than 1 blue star. In addition, heroes above level 40 can participate in hero trials. The heroes trial will open on the 26th of January. Users can obtain artifacts and equipment in the trial. The more trial layers they reach, the higher the rewards.

Other Important Information

There will be different levels to hero growth in this season of Chainz Arena. For example, heroes must attain a certain level to unlock element crystal. They will also need to reach certain levels to unlock the positions of artifacts and runes. Crystal, runes and artifacts help to make the hero more powerful.

Players need to send 3 teams to participate in the royal arena competition. Each team must have at least one hero. Players can directly use the full-star and full-level heroes to participate in the Cryptogon arena fight. However, the Cryptogon system will determine the heroes that gamers can use in the Cryptogon.

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