Farm 3.0 Undead Egg Presale
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PVU Farm 3.0 Undead Egg Presale Starts January 24

Following the update of Farm 3.0, there have been questions about the undead egg. The game even incorporated gathering their eggs in the foraging minigame. However, it will be terrible an undead egg in gathering. Therefore, PVU will be launching the undead egg presale on 24th of January 2022. Details of this announcement came via the PVU Substack Page. Here are the details of the undead egg presale.

Undeads play important roles in the PvE mode of the game. This includes converting LE to PVU. Also, undeads offer players additional opportunity to earn extra items. In the PvE mode 4.0, players will be able to utilize these items for various purposes. Considering their role, it is important to ensure their continuity.

Details of the Farm 3.0 Undead Egg Presale

Undead Egg Presale

Starting from January 24th, the sale will run for 14 days. Over this period, there will be three levels of eggs available during this sale. They include the common egg, rare egg and epic egg. Each egg costs 100 PVU, 250 PVU and 500 PVU respectively. There will be no total cap for the amount of eggs. However, PVU will be enforcing certain restrictions to the ownership of egg. Players can only own a maximum of 2 common eggs, 2 rare eggs and 1 epic egg. These restrictions are necessary to sustaining the in-game economy.

Despite the announcement, Plants Vs Undead did not state the specific benefits of owning undead eggs. However, the game did state that eggs will hatch when Farm 3.1 goes live in February.

PVP Season 1 Rewards Distribution

Following the closing of the first PVP season, PVU is distributing rewards to winners. The game closed the maiden PVP season by 0:00 UTC on the 23rd of December. Also, distribution was done on that same day. More so, distribution of rewards is automatic once the results were recorded. To claim your rewards, simply go to the leaderboard. On the leaderboard screen, click on the reward box on the left.

There is also another update coming up on the 26th of January. This update is titled Organic Growth.  It will feature the following changes:

  • Unlimited durability NFTs
  • Earn from winning
  • New offering.

As part of this update, there will also be changes to plant prices. As mentioned in PVP: A New Reign, Growth Energy (GE) will be the new game currency. Therefore, plant prices will be in GE. Besides plants, mother tree prices will also be in GE. Undead spawning prices will be in growth energy too. For each undead you spawn, your GE income per wave will increase permanently.

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