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Pocoland Announces Lunar New Year Event – Year of Tiger

Following the success of its Christmas Launchpool Event in December 2021, Pocoland, an NFT-based play-to-earn game platform, has announced its intention to hold a special Lunar New Year Event, tagged Year of Tiger. The special event is slated to take place between February 4 and 5, 2022.

There will be numerous stunning interfaces and rich features with very valuable rewards. The event is tied to the traditional celebration of the popular Lunar Year in Singapore, China, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Pocoland metaverse will follow the standard practices. That means players can look forward to seeing the main color of the event, Red, in the metaverse.

Not only that; they should also look forward to the numerous indispensable accessories of the Lunar New Year event, which include fireworks, lanterns, red couplets, lucky money, and unicorn heads, among others.

Special Features to Expect in Lunar New Year Event – Year of Tiger

Pocoland will have the basic in-game stats and features of characters as the same. The only difference will be the introduction of the extremely beautiful and unique interface, which is designed to match the atmosphere of the New Year event.

The most exciting part of the event would be the available exclusive and high-value prices. According to Pocoland, players will have access to 10 Lunar NFT characters, with five rare options and 5 epic options of Poco characters. There will also be 50 Season items, which will only be available during this event.


Suffice to mention that these 50 items have been equipped to increase the stats of Poco. That means players that get any of the items can look forward to increasing their HP, critical rate, and Intelligence. Suffice to mention that gamers only have the opportunity to spin out the reward on February 4 and 5, 2022. 

How to Participate in Pocoland Lunar New Year Event

Members of the Pocoland community can get tickets to participate in the event through Poco tokens stake. To get the tickets, navigate to the Launchpool platform on the official Pocoland website and lock your Poco tokens in the Poco Launchpool.

Next, enter the volume of tokens you would like to stake and click on the “Stake” button. Suffice to mention that you will get a ticket for every 1,000 Poco Tokens that you stake. The ticket will be available to you after 7 days of staking.

You can use your ticket to spin exclusive items and NFT characters. More details about the Lunar New Year Event – Year of Tiger can be found on the official Pocoland social media handles.

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