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Faraland Releases New Version v0.2.16

A multiplayer RPG NFT game on BSCFaraland, has announced its New Version v0.2.16 is ready with several improvements to both the PvE and PvP modes.

Following the new release, Faraland hinted it will start a new Tournament early next week. Therefore, players should get ready for a fun-filled and exhilarating week ahead.

Highlights of Improvements in Faraland New Version v0.2.16

As mentioned, Faraland has improved both the PvE and PvP game modes offering players a better gaming experience. The highlights of the improvements made to these game modes are enumerated below:

  • Improvements to the PvE Game Mode

Faraland mentioned it released the Wheel of Fortune, a lucky spin system. Players can become eligible to get a spin on the Wheel of Fortune by obtaining tickets from Adventure Missions. The game platform also revealed it added monster drop rates display to the PvE mode and added five new adventure Missions.

The locations where players can find these new Adventure Missions include Gruyeres, Helga, Augstmatthorn, Farley, and Piz Nair. Faraland also announced the addition of animations to the old Adventure Missions. It also made other improvements and fixed some bugs.


It is worth mentioning that the PvE game mode allows players to explore the Faraland virtual world and the ethnicities living across the continent. The goal is to find ways to seal Demon Lord Beelzebul.

Gamers must collect heroes across races to triumph over tough challenges. Every decision a player makes in a quest can change the storyline and reveal their heroes to hidden treasures and mysteries.

  • Improvements to the PvP Game Mode

For the PvP, the game platform stated it applied a Commitment policy for better PvP gaming mode and fairness. It also reduced the timeframe for each turn by twenty seconds and introduced the “Edit account name” feature.

Each time a player edits their account name will cost them 50 Soul Stones. According to Faraland, the PvP battles now show the hero names while playing.

The PvP game mode is where the best heroes go head-to-head to fight and earn bountiful rewards. It is turn-based gameplay featuring deep and unique RPG elements and a powerful skill system for the adventure.

Players can review the Changelog and download the updated game modes through the link on its Twitter page.

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