MOBOX Announces Special Event Halloween Extravaganza!
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MOBOX Announces Special Event Halloween Extravaganza!

MOBOX, a rapidly expanding gaming and crypto platform, has unveiled an upcoming Halloween event that is poised to immerse gamers and enthusiasts in an exhilarating journey within its blockchain ecosystem.

This thrilling event is scheduled to kick off on October 31, 2023, at 8:00 UTC, providing participants with a golden opportunity to reap remarkable rewards.

Stretching across both the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and the Arbitrum Chain (ARB), the event introduces two primary avenues for engagement: the unboxing of enigmatic treasures on MOMO Farm and the breeding of MODragon within the Dragonverse, which includes the web-based MODragon version.

By engaging in these activities, players stand to gain Halloween Pumpkin Chests, unlocking a treasure trove of alluring rewards upon unsealing them.

Among these enticing prizes are Ethereum (ETH), MOBOX’s native token (MBOX), MODragon eggs, and the elusive dragon spirits. It’s a thrilling proposition that allows individuals to amass valuable digital assets while reveling in the Halloween spirit.

Acquiring Halloween Pumpkin Chests On Mobox

This process varies between the two platforms. At MOMO Farm, every time a player unveils a Mystery BOX, they wield a 10% chance of securing one of these coveted chests.

Over at Dragonverse, engaging in MODragon breeding and investing 0.01 ETH heightens the odds of procuring a Halloween Pumpkin Chest to a promising 60%.

Join the MOBOX Halloween Extravaganza!

Vital to note is the temporal nature of these rewards. They hold a limited lifespan and must be put to use prior to the event’s conclusion.

Once the event wraps up, Halloween Pumpkin Chests will lose their validity, underscoring the importance of vigilant awareness concerning event closure dates and community updates.

As MOBOX endeavors to provide exhilarating experiences in the realm of blockchain gaming, it warmly invites all those with an interest to partake in its Halloween event.

Participants can anticipate exhilarating escapades and alluring rewards within the ‘MOBOX universe’ during this festive season.

Don’t miss out on this unique event that beautifully melds blockchain technology with Halloween’s festive spirit. Get ready for an enthralling voyage into MOBOX’s world!

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