Vulcan’s Holiday Quests Await with $20k Worth of Amazing Prizes
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Vulcan Forged Holiday Quests Start Today

From December 11th to December 22nd, 2023, Vulcan invites you to engage in a unique experience filled with daily challenges and special missions, offering the chance to win amazing prizes totaling $20,000.

This event, dubbed Vulcan’s Holiday Quests,” will take you on a festive journey through its virtual worlds.

The most prominent missions of this celebration are the three Big Quests

In the first, you are challenged to explore the enchanting universe of VulcanVerse to find four snowmen wearing green hats.

Lucky winners will receive a Dreamweaver and a Chimera NFT, valuable pieces within this virtual world.

In the second Big Quest, the task is to invite three friends to join My Forge before December 22nd.

By doing so, you could be one of the three fortunate individuals to take home a prize package including USDT, Berserk Packs, a 30-day Berserk Pass, and LAVA.

The third Big Quest challenges you to play at least once in five thrilling games: Vulcan’s Tower Defense, Vulcan Creed, Vulcan Runner, Berserk, and HeXenagos

By completing this challenge, you could win prizes such as USDT, Berserk Packs, a 30-day Berserk Pass, and LAVA.

Vulcan’s Holiday Quests Bring Daily Challenges and Big Prizes

Apart from these major missions, each day presents a unique opportunity to win prizes by participating in daily quests.

From creating an account in My Forge to playing specific games like Vulcan’s Tower Defense, Berserk, and others, each day brings new tasks and opportunities to win exciting prizes such as USDT, LAVA, and valuable NFTs.

This event promises not only incredible gifts but also the chance to immerse oneself in the diverse virtual worlds created by Vulcan.

Get ready to join the fun, tackle challenges, and have the opportunity to win phenomenal prizes as you dive into this festive season with Vulcan’s Holiday Quests.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy and win in this wonderful event!

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