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Blockchain Cuties Ready to Launch Item Market Changes

Blockchain Cuties is an NFT-based game platform that runs on Polygon, ETH, NEO, TRON, HECO, and EOS. The game platform recently announced the launch of the new trading system for its in-game items and assets.

Blockchain Cuties game platform has been in the development stage for this new phase of its marketplace for a while now and it seems the final work has been complete and ready for launch. According to the game metaverse, the platform is moving towards deprecating old item trading mechanisms and introducing a new way of trading.

Highlights of the New Items Market

Since the start of the season, Blockchain Cutie’s off-chain item market has significantly become more popular among users. Additionally, the new marketplace usage has tripled the legacy item market in growth. Some coveted features have also been added to the new item market to satisfy the request of players.

Some of these features include order books, availability of items, and mechanisms to know items in demand. That means it will become easy for players to figure out the specific items that are in demand and available for sale easily with the new features.

Additionally, users can easily find offers with all blockchains simultaneously. This will save players the stress of clicking through different pages and undergoing unnecessary search in the filter options just to get a better picture of the market value of items.

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What more can Players Find in the new Item Market?

The new Item Market has a new and better interface for items. It also comes with a couple of robust filtering options. There are two steps to deprecating the old item market. The first will start from March 9 when the old item markets will no longer have new listings for market items.

A few weeks after the deactivation of new listings from the old market, the old market will be completely removed from the game. Also, the naming for Off-chain Items Market and Items Market will be changed on March 9. Both names will change to Items Market and Legacy Items Market respectively.

The changes aim to de-clutter the user interface and eliminate the divide in the item market. With the new market, players will have the opportunity to trade items at lower transaction fees and also enjoy a better overall user experience in the game.

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