Meta Soccer City Airdrop Campaign
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Join the Meta Soccer City Airdrop Campaign

Meta Soccer City begins its airdrop campaign. Random users will earn from the 1,000,000,000 $SOCCR prize pool. Announcement of this event was made via the Meta Soccer City Gleam Page. Here are details on how to participate.

Details of the Meta Soccer City Airdrop Campaign

The Meta Soccer City Airdrop campaign is set to run from the 8th to the 18th of March 2022. Over these ten days, players will earn from the $50,000 worth of $SCCR tokens. The distribution of tokens to the winners will take place 30 days after the token generation event.

Here is a breakdown of how rewards will be distributed to participants:

  • 3 participants with most referrals will receive 10,000,000 $SOCCR/player.
  • After the top three, the next 20 persons with the highest number of referrals will receive 2,000,000 $SOCCR/player.
  • The next 100 users with the highest number of referrals will receive 1,000,000 $SOCCR/player.
  • Even those without significant referrals will get rewards. Meta Soccer City will randomly select 2400 members and give them 350,000 $SOCCR/player each.

How to participate in this Airdrop

To earn $SCCR tokens, complete the following tasks:

  • Join @metasoccercityglobal on Telegram
  • Join @metasoccercity on Telegram
  • Follow @metasoccercity on Twitter
  • Retweet @metasoccercity on Twitter
  • Tweet and mention 3 crypto loving friends
  • Join our Discord server
  • Refer 5 friends or more to this Airdrop
  • Visit our website
  • Submit your BSC wallet address
  • Follow @metasoccercity on Instagram
  • Visit Meta Soccer City on Facebook

It is very important to note that each of these tasks have their different points. While most of the tasks give you 1 point, others give between 2 to 5 points. Meta Soccer City is focused on getting referrals. As such, invite more friends to increase your chances of winning from this campaign. Also ensure that you input a BSC wallet address to avoid losing the tokens during distribution.

Meta Soccer City Game

Meta Soccer City

This game is a breakthrough soccer city within the metaverse. It combines the virtual soccer and play to earn. Players can buy lands, create clubs, join tournaments, and earn rewards while doing it. They can even start businesses and sell their digital arts to others. Part of gameplay is a Metaverse Soccer league. This league includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions. The 3rd division will feature 25 leagues and 500 teams.

There will be 20 teams in each league and the top 2 will gain promotion into division 2. The 2nd division will have 5 leagues and 100 teams. While the top 2 will gain promotion to division 1, the bottom 10 will relegate to division 3. 1st Division will consists of 20 teams. There will 38 rounds of football action. After which team 1st place holder becomes the champion of the Meta Soccer League. However, the bottom 10 teams will relegate to division 2.

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