Symbiogenesis Announces New "Idea Battle"
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Symbiogenesis Announces New “Idea Battle”


  • “Idea Battle”: Virtual treasure hunt organized by SYMBIOGENESIS AWARD.
  • Objective: Locate six types of “idea” items hidden by the “Eligible” ones.
  • Rewards: NFTs as digital treasures and experience points for participants.

The award-winning “Idea Battle” event, organized as part of the prestigious SYMBIOGENESIS AWARD, has sparked the curiosity and excitement of participants.

In this challenge, the so-called “Eligibles” have hidden a series of precious digital treasures, called “idea” items, which players must find in an exciting online treasure hunt.

The dynamic of the event is simple but exciting: from March 12 to March 19, 2024, participants will have the opportunity to explore a virtual map known as the “Floating Continent”.

There, they must search for the six types of “idea” items hidden by the Eligible.

Each of these precious digital treasures is represented as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which gives them a unique and non-transferable value.

To participate in this exciting quest, players will need a Discord account with two-factor authentication, as well as an account in MetaMask and Google Chrome.

Once these requirements are completed, they can immerse themselves in the search for hidden treasures.

It should be noted that to ensure fairness of the event, each wallet address will be limited to a single entry in the campaign.

Additionally, measures against fraudulent activities will be implemented, such as consolidating NFTs from multiple accounts into a single wallet.

The reward for participating in this digital treasure hunt lies not only in the thrill of the adventure, but also in the accumulation of experience.

For each type of “idea” item acquired in SYMBIOGENESIS, players will receive 2 EXP as a reward

By obtaining all six types of treasures, players will receive a total of 12 EXP, which will contribute to their progress in the event.

The game mechanics are intuitive: participants can move in all directions and zoom in on the map to explore in detail.

Once they have located a treasure, they will need to execute a transaction to claim their NFT.

“Idea Battle” promises to be an exciting and unique experience, fusing the excitement of treasure hunting with the innovation of NFTs.

With its combination of technology, strategy and adventure, this event promises to challenge and captivate participants from start to finish.

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