Axie Infinity introduces guilds in Axie Classic
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Axie Classic Launches Long-Awaited Update: Now you can create your Guild


  • Axie Infinity introduces guilds to Axie Classic, allowing players to collaborate and compete together.
  • Players can deposit AXS and SLP into the guild vault, earning points and sharing axies.
  • The Grand Tournament offers exciting competition, where players accumulate guild points and climb the rankings.

Axie Infinity, the popular crypto collectible and online battle game, has released a series of exciting updates that are revolutionizing the gaming experience for Axie Classic players.

One of the most notable new features is the introduction of guilds, a feature that allows players to join and collaborate in groups to improve their strategies and compete more effectively in the game.

Creating a guild in Axie Classic costs 8 AXS, and players also have the option to join existing guilds.

This new feature offers a wide range of benefits, including the ability to deposit both AXS and SLP into the guild vault and earn contribution points and guild points.

Additionally, guild members can share up to 6 axies with other members through the guild vault, making it easier to collaborate and share resources between teammates.

Another exciting addition to the game is the Grand Tournament, a competitive event where players can accumulate guild points and climb the guild leaderboards.

Registration for the Grand Tournament is now open, and all guild members are encouraged to participate for a chance to win prizes and demonstrate their skills in the arena.

Axie Classic Launches Long-Awaited Update: Now you can create your Guild

More features are being worked on to further improve the gaming experience in Axie Classic

This includes the implementation of guild leaderboards and an in-game chat that will allow guild members to communicate with each other while playing.

The revival of Axie Classic has been met with enthusiasm by the gaming community, and has generated a significant increase in user activity.

Since these updates were announced, many players have returned to Lunacia to join the action and participate in the exciting events the game has to offer.

Recent updates to Axie Classic are taking the gaming experience to a new level, encouraging cooperation between players and offering exciting opportunities for competition and in-game growth.

With new features in development and exciting events on the horizon, the future of Axie Infinity looks brighter than ever.

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