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THC Swap is Now Available on Coinbase Wallet

Thetan Arena has announced that THC Swap is now available on Coinbase Wallet. The aim of this initiative is to enable well-rounded experiences for Thetans. In addition, being able to swap the underlying utility token will enable blockchain and GameFi enthusiasts around the world to connect well with the game. In turn, this will help to drive the global adoption of the project amongst players. More so, traders and investors will be able to contribute their capital towards the growth of the ecosystem.

This was possible due to a partnership between the game and the exchange. Since declaring that official collaboration, both parties have offered their communities various goodies. One of such is the Coinbase Loot Campaign, where users got as much as $30 worth of NFT mystery boxes. Speaking of contributions, there will be weekly contests coming to the community. They will have 12 hours to engage in 40 battles. By the close of the week, the system will compile the top 100 players and distribute 1000 gTHG amongst them.

All You Need to Know About the THC Swap on Coinbase Wallet

There will be a hero trading event to celebrate the THC swap on Coinbase Wallet. To participate, users will need to connect to the Thetan Arena marketplace using a Coinbase Wallet. This contest will run from 31st of August to the 3rd of September by 16:00 GMT. Participants will earn rewards by trading eligible items. You can also win prizes by completing daily challenges, as you compete against others to climb up the leaderboard.

Thetan Arena Weekly Tournament Leaderboard

You will unlock higher compensations as you go up the ranks. Below is the breakdown of the price rewards for participants:

  • 200k Battle Score  – 103.9 THC
  • 500k Battle Score – 147.1 THC
  • 1 million Battle Score – 245.2 THC
  • 3.2 million Battle Score – 1,079 THC

Speaking of eligibility, only a Hero at Level 3 or higher will count. Your total volume increases every time you buy, sell, rent in or rent out an avatar.  In-game characters at this level have the following features:

  • Are stronger in battles.
  • Offer more gTHC whenever players emerge victorious in a duel.
  • Increase the chances of earning gTHC in total matches.
  • Can be upgraded using gTHG and Powerpoint.

There will also be various daily contests whereby users can will gTHC as well. They include the Seller’s Challenge, where you can earn either 46 gTHC for reaching a selling volume of 1,000 NFT units. If you can complete this milestone within a day, you will unlock the Unbox Contest, and win up to 50 gTHC when you buy up to 1000 Thetan boxes.

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