Skyweaver Announces the XBorg Series and Discovery Monthly Tournament
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Skyweaver Announces XBorg Series and Discovery Monthly Tournament

Skyweaver has announced the date for the XBorg Series contest. This is a sponsored tournament where the top 2 players will share the $100 prize pool. In addition, the Discovery Monthly tournament will continue next month. The former will happen over the weekend. While the latter will take place next month.

Details of the Skyweaver XBorg Series and Discovery Monthly Tournament

XBorg Series Competition

The XBorg Series competition is a single-elimination type of contest. There will be only one player per team. As a global event, it is open to users in every region. The rewards will be distributed via the Polygon Network. Interested participants must join the Skyweaver Discord Server by the 26th of August 2022. By 2 PM (UTC+2), the event will begin. Up to 64 participants can join in, while the 1st and 2nd highest ranks will get $70 and $30, respectively.

The Games will occur in a constructed mode, where the best three players will proceed to the next stage. If you win a round with a Hero, you cannot use it for the next one. The process is continuous, you must be on stand-by and ready to play again after winning a match. In addition, you must screenshot every duel you win and submit it to the proper discord channel. Connection is your responsibility, and losing it may lead to disqualification.

Discovery Monthly Tournament

Skyweaver Discovery Monthly Tournament

Shortly after the Skyweaver XBorg Series, the Discovery Monthly tournament will go live. This will begin by 8:00 PM on the 2nd of September. Unlike the other competition, this one has a price pool of 1,000 $USDC and will run for two days (September 2nd and 3rd, 2022). Similarly, there will be one player per team.

128 players will engage in a single-elimination format contest. Like the Skyweaver XBorg Series, the Discovery Monthly Tournament restricts you from using one hero to win more than one round.

Below is a breakdown of the tournament schedule:

September 2nd:

  • Round 1 – Top 128 – Approximately (3:00 EST – 4:00 EST)
  • Round 2 – Top 64 – Approximately (4:00 EST – 5:00 EST)
  • Round 3 – Top 32 – Approximately (5:00 EST – 6:00 EST)
  • Round 4 – Top 16 – Approximately (6:00 EST – 7:00 EST)
  • Round 5 – Top 8 – Approximately (7:00 EST – 8:00 EST)

September 3rd:

  • Round 6 – Semi Finals – (3:00 EST – 5:00 EST)
  • Round 7 – Finals – Approximately (5:00 EST – 6:00 EST)

Although the compensation is in USD Coin, payment will be done via PayPal to the top 8 players. Winners will receive their prizes 7 business days after the tournament. Below is a breakdown of rewards:

  • 1st Position – $400
  • 2nd Position – $250
  • 3rd Position – $150
  • 4th Position – $100
  • 5 to 8th Positions – $25 Each

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