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Legends of Aria Reveals how to Claim $ARIA Token

With the $ARIA token launch coming up soon, Legends of Aria, the world’s 1st 3D blockchain MMORPG game platform, has announced the details on how to claim the $ARIA token. Individuals that bought $ARIA on Launchpads other than Starlaunch and SolRazr can use the Legends of Aria claim portal to receive their tokens.

The distribution mechanic for the collection is 50% upfront and 10% each month. According to the game platform, the claim portal will be available when the trading goes live at 9 am on September 1.

Steps to Claim the $ARIA Token

  • Go to www.app.magna.so/claim
  • Log in with your Ledge, Solflare, or Phantom account details and connect your wallet.
  • You will see the available amount for you to claim and the details of the claim schedule after you log in.
  • Click the “Withdraw” button and complete the process for your claim transaction.

legends of aria

What you Need to Claim $ARIA Token

You need a little amount of SOL to complete your claim transaction. You can get SOL from almost any centralized exchange platform in the market. Legends of Aria game platform recommends that users can get help on how to purchase SOL from its Discord platform.

The game metaverse encourages users to export their seed phrase, open a Phantom wallet, and import their seed phrase from the previous wallet if they cannot use their original wallet. Many users that provide different wallets other than Ledger, Solflare, or Phantom may experience this issue.

While claiming your $ARIA token, you may experience error messages or transaction failure. If this happens, you should not fret. The Legends of Aria game platform recommends that you try the process again. However, if the transaction fails a second time, it recommends that you join its Discord platform to request further assistance.

More Details on Legends of Aria Game

Legends of Aria is a full-fledged MMORPG game being developed to be the ultimate fantasy game metaverse. Players can own land, build virtual homes, and explore a vast world where they can use different skills to earn digital assets they can mint and resell as NFTs.

The game will have a sustainable one-token economy, which is the ARIA token. The token will function as the primary utility token and governance token in the game universe.

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