Thetan Arena Guild Accelerator Program
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Thetan Arena Announces the Guild Accelerator Program

Thetan Arena is set to launch the Guild Accelerator Program for community members that want to promote the project. There is a $500,000 worth of THG prize pool set aside for this purpose and users can earn as much as 10,000 $THG per month. Here are the details.

Details of the Thetan Arena Guild Accelerator Program

The Guild Accelerator focuses on enabling participants to deploy activities to promote Thetan Arena and reward those who do it. Asides from the rewards, this program will also offer grants and privileges for interested users. The activities include inviting new NFT users while gaining Guild Points and earning bonuses as well as other benefits.

Also, users can show commitment and get various grant application packages. Like the referral programs, there are also conditions for getting grants. One of such is that users must complete the activities within the first three months to receive 50% of their allocation.

How to Join the Accelerator Program

Thetan Arena Guild Accelerator Program Details

To join this program, Thetans will have to meet three conditions. These include:

  • Including “@ThetanArena” in your Twitter description.
  • Feature Thetan Arena game on your website.
  • Update your Guild Rank on Twitter description with your Thetan Title.

Follow these steps below to join the Thetan Arena Guild Accelerator Program

  • Fill out the registration form and input all the required information.
  • After registration, you will get a referral link. Share this link on all social media platforms. You will get 1 Guild Point for every user that uses your link to join Thetan Arena.
  • Join and deploy monthly activities with Thetan Arena.
  • Give a monthly report summarizing your activities as an affiliate.
  • Receive benefits and grants according to your contribution to the program

Other Activities

There are certain pieces of information that should be contacted. One of such is that the Guild will determine which activities that you want to use in getting new users. However, Thetan Arena will not decide how you can go about using these activities to onboard new users. Also, you can get both the Grant Application Package and Guild points when you complete committed monthly activities.

As mentioned earlier, Guild members receive a point when a valid NFT user joins via their link. However, the game is defining what an NFT user is. To be considered as such, your referral must complete the first 5 battles in Thetan Arena. In addition, they must complete one of the following activities in the Thetan Marketplace:

  • Buy a Box (Thetan Box or Seasonal Box)
  • Buy a Hero
  • Rent a Hero
  • Stake THG

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