Nakamoto Games: Pioneering a Week of Innovation in Play2Earn Evolution
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Why this week will be key for Nakamoto Games?


  • Nakamoto Games innovates Play2Earn with updates
  • Mobile app upgrades and backend security enhancements
  • New games and improved user experience in development

At Nakamoto Games, a week of innovation and development is about to begin, marking a milestone in Play2Earn’s dedication to excellence in the industry.

With an enthusiastic and committed team, they are preparing to present a series of updates that reflect two years of continuous improvement and dedication to the forefront of the gaming industry.

The focus is on several key aspects.

Firstly, the user experience has been improved through an optimized user interface and gameplay experience for collectible card games (CCGs), in addition to supporting the reload campaign to facilitate user participation.

Additionally, in the mobile realm, new functionalities have been introduced, such as a history screen, waiting room, and an activity tracker, all designed to enrich player engagement and ease of use.

The $NAKA mobile app is taking shape and will soon be ready for launch.

Nakamoto Games is promising an immersive and accessible experience for all players

At the frontend level, aspects such as the text of the PWA buttons, the clarity of the messages on the rewards/notifications page, and the underlying code are being refined for a smoother user experience.

They are also integrating the Recharge Campaign API and making adjustments to the UI for events, along with improvements to the administrative settings for cryptocurrency payments and event management.

On the other hand, on the backend, administrative capabilities have been strengthened with improved APIs and recharge campaign conditions have been refined to ensure a safe and reliable experience.

Additional security measures and the recharge campaign contract have also been implemented to protect assets and system integrity.

Additionally, the commitment to quality is reflected in rigorous testing of frontend functionalities and adjustments to workflow and user interface to ensure a smooth user experience.

Finally, work has been done on the design and development of new games, such as #SuperBounce #P2E and an exciting shooting game developed with Unreal Engine 5, as well as the implementation of the long-awaited #NAKAVERSE 2.0, which promises to bring the gaming experience to new heights.

Nakamoto Games continues to lead the way in the exciting world of Play2Earn, committed to constant innovation and delivering exceptional gaming experiences to our players around the world.

Stay tuned for exciting new developments on the horizon!

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