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Upland Launches Buenos Aires Thrifty Trader Event

A virtual property blockchain-based game, Upland, has announced the launch of its Buenos Aires: the Thrifty Trader Challenge. The event starts at 9: AM PT on January 26, 2023. The event will enable players to compete for the thriftiest player on the leaderboard.

All they have to do is to buy and sell properties in Buenos Aires. Top players will receive UPX and Spark. Additionally, the top 200 players on the leaderboard will receive the Buenos Aires Trader Block Explorer.

Highlights of the Buenos Aires Thrifty Trader Event

All participants in the event will get an Efficiency Value, which ranks their performance during the challenge. Property purchases and sales in Buenos Aires from January 26 and January 29 qualify for the Thrift Trader Challenge. 

The Efficiency Value of each participant is relative to their performance compared to others on certain core metrics. These metrics include:

  • Relative profit score, which is based on the value between a 30-day moving average of sales prices and actual sale price in the property’s neighborhood.
  • Relative purchase score, which is based on the value between a 30-day moving average purchase price and actual purchase price within the property’s neighborhood.
  • Trading Diversity – based on the number of distinctive users a seller traded with.
  • Trading Volume – based on the size of trades performed over the weekend.


It is worth mentioning that these metrics will influence the Efficiency Value through the contest. The actual value is a calculated function of the metrics – Relative Profit Margin, Relative Purchase Value, Trading Diversity, and Trading Volume.

Highlights of Rewards for the Buenos Aires Thrifty Trader Event

One of the crucial activities in the Upland metaverse is property acquisition. According to the game metaverse, its goal is to ensure that participants have many opportunities to win attractive prizes.

Individuals who make it to the top 200 will get a brand-new Buenos Aires Trader Block Explorer. Also, the gamer with the highest Efficiency Value will receive 0.4 Spark and 250,000 UPX. Meanwhile, the Top 100 also win Spark and UPX.

Players ranking in the 101 to 200 position will also get some UPX. Upland emphasizes that winning in the Thrifty Trader Challenge event is the only way to obtain the Block Explorer. Therefore Upland users are encouraged to participate so they can acquire a unit.

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