Faraland Era of Legionnaire New Season to Feature Significant Changes
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Faraland Era of Legionnaire New Season to Feature Significant Changes

Faraland has announced that it will be making some significant changes to the Era of Legionnaire New Season. This is a weekly tournament that has been part of the gameplay for a long while. As such, most players are already conversant with the process.

However, the team is making some key modifications to this edition of the contest. One of the alterations involves adjusting certain rules with regard to user participation. There is also an increment of the PVP rewards for guilds. The team wants to improve player involvement and ensure a competitive tournament.

Details of the Faraland Era of Legionnaire New Season

Details of the Faraland Era of Legionnaire New Season

In recent times, Faraland noticed that certain contestants were exploiting in-game bugs to climb up the leaderboard. More so, these actions of these persons were adversely affecting other contestants. In this regard, the team will be enforcing strict punishments for anyone they find guilty of this practice.

In addition, the game encourages users to report individuals who are guilty of this act. Anyone who wants to report such behavior should tender images or videos to prove that there are irregularities. The team will penalize those caught perpetrating this practice by deducting 100 ELO from their ranking points.


The Faraland Era of Legionnaire New Season will begin by 8:00 AM UTC on the 17th of July. Before the contest begins, the team will reset the rank system and take a snapshot of Guild Members who will engage in PVP battles. Meanwhile, interested contestants must join the tournament before it goes live. Failure to do so will see their ELO reset to 2000.

Normally, 50 ELO is deducted from the rank of players who join the competition but do not play any matches. However, the team is applying this rule to everyone. Henceforth, everyone who does not engage in duels will lose 50 ELO from their score. In addition, this rule will also apply to those with less than 2000 ELO. Meanwhile, contestants will gain or lose ELO according to the level of their opponents.

Faraland will separate participants into two different leaderboards after the first 20 matches. More so, PVP duels will only take place between players within the same pool. Matches will take place within the following hours of the day:

  • 00:00 UTC.
  • 08:00 UTC.
  • 12:00 UTC.
  • 16:00 UTC.

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