GuildFi and Naraka Bladepoint Collab to Unite Web2 and Web3
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GuildFi and Naraka Bladepoint Collab to Unite Web2 and Web3

GuildFi and Naraka Bladepoint have come together to celebrate Naraka’s 2nd birthday with an epic gaming quest. From July 14 to August 9, 2023, players can complete fun online activities and earn exclusive rewards as well.

It is a great chance for you to win while you enjoy this popular game.

The Quest: How It Works

The gaming quest has two parts, and they are the GuildFi tasks and Naraka tasks. To participate in the GuildFi tasks, players need to take two steps. Firstly, they need to join the GuildFi Discord group by creating a free account.

After that, they need to connect it to their GuildFi profile. This helps them become part of the GuildFi community and connect with other gamers as well.

Secondly, the Naraka tasks require players to join the Naraka Discord group and like the Naraka Facebook page. This one is a lot simpler and mostly involves you playing a fun game.


So, players must also download Naraka Bladepoint on their PC via Steam and play for 60 minutes. This is to make sure that they get to experience the action and fun that the game offers.

The Exciting Rewards

Thirdly, players who complete all the quest activities will receive GXP coins from the platform. GXP is used to buy the special Naraka Loot Box in the platform’s shop. Inside the Naraka Loot Box are 20 Naraka weapon models to customize your character’s look.

In addition to that, they get 10 cute Naraka chibi figures to show your fandom as well. Lastly, the rewards also have $5×65 credits for the Steam wallet to buy games, skins, and more.

Join the Gaming Quest and Win!

Join Naraka Bladepoint

Finally, by joining the platform and Naraka’s special 2nd-anniversary event, players can unite gaming communities and earn exciting rewards. It’s easy and fun to join the quest, and you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Follow the platforms online, download and play Naraka Bladepoint, and earn GXP to redeem the Naraka Loot Boxes.

Summing Up

Join the epic gaming quest on the platform from July 14 to August 9, 2023. So, you can be a part of Naraka’s 2nd birthday as well. Don’t miss out on this special event and start your gaming quest today!

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