The Sandbox Collabs with Agoria to Launch New Avatar Collection
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The Sandbox Collabs with Agoria to Launch New Avatar Collection

Great news for NFT fans! A new collab between French artist Agoria and The Sandbox brings a lot of new avatars that change with the time of day.

The {Agorians} collection has avatars that can change their look every 6 hours to match day or night. While it is not a big feature to speak of, the collab makes it so much more special. So, anyone looking to get a hold of these unique NFTs must be ready to shell out some tokens!

Exploring Duality and Self-Discovery

Firstly, the avatars are all about showing the duality of life in their day and night forms. They align with Agoria’s key themes and hold deep meaning. Also, the set supports a diverse culture with traits that show it all.

Secondly, after launch, a key experience called {One Life Two Bodies} starts on September 7. Players will go on a journey of where they will find themselves in Agoria’s visions. So, all avatar holders who finish in-game quests will get a share of 100,000 SAND tokens!

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Bringing Art and Music Innovation to Life

Thirdly, Agoria is known for unique music and many art forms. Now his NFT avatars add a new spin, and people will get to see his work in immersive new ways. Also, the avatars he makes will merge art, music, and philosophy.

Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox, said, “Agoria has always pushed through the boundaries of music innovation…His first NFT avatar collection in The Sandbox takes on his legacy, adding a new twist around our digital identity.”

The Sandbox Offering Two Avatars in One

Agoria commented, “I’m so excited by this first-ever dynamic avatars collection. {Agorians} avatars are multiple! They are not 1/1; they are 2/1! They change over the clock!” Also, the avatars showcase the concept of living two connected lives.

The {Agorians} usher in a new era of NFT art that evolves in real-time. Their dual designs align perfectly with Agoria’s unique and creative vision. So, get ready to embrace your changing digital identity as the day shifts into the night!

Finally, anyone who manages to get their hands on these unique NFTs must also be present on the game platform on September 7th. This way, they will be able to get the full experience after claiming their NFTs and joining the vision of Agoria.

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