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Illuvium Releases Details of its User-friendly Staking v2 Platform

At the heart of a successful NFT game is continuous improvementIlluvium, a play-to-earn game metaverse, understands the importance of this and is committed to enhancing users’ experience on its game platform.

In light of this, the game metaverse has released its newly enhanced, user-friendly Staking v2 app to all its $ILV token holders.

What is Staking v2?

Staking v2 focuses on the expansion of the functionality of the current system on the game platform. Apart from streamlining QoL workflows and bug fixes, this upgrade also provides token holders with newly improved features, a user-friendly interface, and gas efficiency.

The user experience enhancements are a part of the important improvements made to the platform’s staking contracts. With the upgraded interface and contracts, users will have the opportunity to claim rewards across multiple pools in a single transaction and claim revenue distributions. 


How to Stake $ILV in v2

Both new and old users can stake in the upgraded v2 staking platform. The platform enables Illuvium community members to claim revenue and yield distributions from the protocol and utilize the dashboard to check vesting and pending rewards, pricing, deposits, and others. Here are the steps to stake in v2.

  • Visit Illuvium’s official website and navigate to the staking platform. Click “Connect Wallet” and choose your wallet type”.
  • Execute the necessary verification when prompted.
  • Next, click “Pool” and choose your preferred currency, and fund your wallet with the relevant token.
  • Next, click the “Stake” button for the pool and you will see your current token balance in $ILV.
  • Select the amount or percentage you want to stake and choose the duration.
  • Click “Stake” and you will be prompted to complete some verifications. Follow the prompts to complete this.

Current users can upgrade from v1 to v2 easily. The Staking v2 Rewards will be available from March 31 at 13:00 UTC. Users should visit the official staking v2 dashboard to claim rewards. Users in Staking v1 must first upgrade to v2 before they can receive yield.

They can also upgrade even after the deadline. The new Staking v2 contracts allow users to maintain weight without any activity. Larger stakes will attract slightly higher gas fees but smaller stakes will maintain the fee. It is recommended that larger investors re-stake in Staking v2, which is cheaper than v1.

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