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Shika Kage Partners with RedPanda Earth to Launch its Upcoming Game

Shika Kage, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has partnered with RedPanda Earth, an ERC-20 deflationary token and charity-based project established to give back to the diverse planet to launch its upcoming game. 

Shika Kage has announced its plan to develop one main game and several other mini-games. The games will feature a Metaverse version in Decentraland and a simple Web version. The in-currency for the games would be the RedPanda Token and players would be able to use or earn these tokens in several games.

Highlights of the Games from Shika Kage

The main game of Shika Kage is currently under production and the first mini-game that will be launched is Tetris. This game offers players the opportunity to earn Shika Tokens and RedPanda Tokens while completing the different stages of the game. 

The launch of the first mini-game is scheduled to take place on December 15, 2021, and Shika Kage has promised to provide more information about the launch event in the coming days. According to the press release of the game platform on its medium page, there are currently discussions on incorporating Red Panda’s NFTs into the game in some capacity.

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Apart from the mini-games, players can also look forward to the main game, which will offer them the opportunity to earn in the long term. The game would represent long-term earnings and game characters’ improvement where every action that a player takes will earn rewards. 

Their game actions on the platform will also increase the rating of their game accounts and they will be able to purchase and sell their unique characters at auctions on the game platform. The main game will offer users the opportunity to choose between earning Shika Tokens or RedPanda Tokens

Users will have the freedom to buy a Panther of their choice and breed, educate, train, care for, or auction them at their discretion.

More Information about Shika Kage

Shika Kage is a meme-based Defi and GameFi game project on BSC. It offers gamers and users the opportunity to earn rewards while playing on the platform. The game platform is designed to offer a unique ecosystem and tokenomics that is expected to grow into the biggest crypto community. 

The in-game currency on the game platform is the SHIKA Token and users would be able to trade the currency and use it for various functions in the community.

What is the RedPanda Earth About?

The RedPanda Earth is an animal-focused, charity-based progressive deflationary token focused on protecting endangered species. Users on the platform can earn passive income and help save threatened animals. 

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