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How to Buy Your First NFT Unicorn in Crypto Unicorns Rainbows

Crypto Unicorns is a browser-based NFT-based game on the blockchain. It centers on Unicorn NFTs, which gamers can use in different exciting battle loops and an exciting farming simulation. The game is primarily a tycoon and simulation game that allows players to buy LAND NFTs. 

The land is where Unicorns are hatched, bred, and evolved. It is also the feature that powers the platform’s community-owned economy. The game features Racing, Framing, Jousting, and Team RPG Battle.

It is worth mentioning that players can customize Crypto Unicorns LAND NFTs, transforming them into different productive buildings. These include a stable, workshop, nursery, farm plot, and gathering cart. Players can also upgrade their land to boost their productivity.

How to Start the Crypto Unicorns Game

The first step to exploring the Crypto Unicorns Rainbows world is to generate a crypto wallet. You need this to manage and authenticate your digital assets, such as Lands, Unicorns, and other gaming tokens. 

crypto unicorns game

The game platform recommends that players buy a Unicorn and Land simultaneously to improve their gaming experience. Gamers can buy these NFT Unicorns and Land using wETH through the official Opensea Pages of the game. 

You can visit the page for the Unicorns to complete the process. As soon as you generate and set up your wallet, the next step is to buy the unicorns. With this, you can begin to play the Crypto Unicorns game.

Step-by-step Guide to Buy NFT Unicorn in Crypto Unicorns Rainbows

Step 1: Download a wallet. The most recommended wallet used by players is Metamask. We recommend that you follow best practices when storing and saving your seed phrase after creating a wallet and storing the seed phrase. You must add the Polygon RPC to the wallet provider before bridging up funds.

Step 2: Buy your first Unicorn. It is best to buy Land alongside your unicorns for a rewarding gaming experience. You can buy the Unicorns through the Crypto Unicorns Market on Opensea. To buy the NFT, select the item to buy and the wallet provider to use

As mentioned, MetaMask is a popular choice. Install the wallet if you have not done so already. After this, select the number of NFTs you want and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

It is worth mentioning that you need RBW and UNIM for different actions in Crypto Unicorns, especially for breeding. You can buy RBW and UNIM through Polygon.

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