Metawars Issues the Development Updates Chapter One
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Metawars Issues the Development Updates Chapter One

As it enters the EVO 1 stage, Metawars is announcing the development updates chapter one. This is part of the process of welcoming new Metawarriors to the battlefield. It will also help intimate existing users with the level of progress the team is making. Considering the project’s growth in 2021 and its current 180,000 members, this was a necessary approach.

Key Points from the Metawars Development Updates Chapter One

There are several takeaways from the Metawars development updates in chapter one. They include in-game upgrades, engine design, user interface improvements and NFT rendering. Each of them is broken down below:

Game Development and Engine Design

Significant efforts are ongoing to create the best gameplay experience for users.  This is such that the programme meets the highest standards possible. With an emphasis on player and controller movements, the team is building a new weapon handle system. This new feature will allow players to effect controls better and move freely.

Another aspect that is undergoing fine-tuning is the Mech Movement States and Pace. There has been a significant focus on this area for more than a month. Using mech rigging, instead of the standard human rig consumes a lot of time. The reason is that each mech design will require customized bones to represent all forms of gameplay movement. With this new system, each one will have its specific animations and better transitions.

Below is a summary of the level of development:

  • Player Movement and Controller Improvements – Ongoing
  • Weapon Control System – Completed
  • Fine-Tuning Movement Pace and Control scheme –  Yet to start
  • More Mech Movement States (Recoil, landing, takeoff motion design) – Yet to start
  • Animation Improvements for Mech ground Movement – Ongoing
  • Adjust IK and animation transitions – Yet to Start

NFT Rendering and Other Game Features

Matewars Rendering

While outlining the plans for this prospect, the team reiterates the need for patience. It states that the visual aspect is time-consuming, in terms o development. Meanwhile, there are still ongoing improvements to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable strategy. Nonetheless, the team has completed the rendering of the in-game environment and enhanced the shader development.

With this process done, it can begin other customizations and visual effects. There are also Post Processing Effect adjustments and optimizations that will follow. This will ensure that users get the move immersive experience.

Below is a breakdown of the progress levels:

  • Upgrade Scene Visual and Lighting for the in-game environment – Ongoing
  • Mech Texture and UV – Ongoing
  • 3D model integration and compatibility test – Fixing of Bugs
  • Shader Development for Mech Customization and VFX – Ongoing
  • Limited Edition Planet NFT rendering – Light Improvements
  • Adjust and Optimize Post Processing Effect – Yet to Start
  • Asset management improvement – Yet to Start

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