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Time Raiders INO Set for July 20th

Time Raiders – a fast-paced shoot and loot game has set it INO for the 20th of July. This offering will take place on the Babylons NFT marketplace. There are 217 unique kinds of assets available. Each of them belongs to one of the 13 categories. By 12:00 PM (UTC), users can begin making purchases.

NFTs in the Tomb Raiders INO

As mentioned above, a diverse range of non-fungible tokens is available in the Time Raiders INO. Below are some of these digital assets:

Desert Tiger II

This asset is exclusively available on Babylons.  Each unit is worth $500 and only 80 of them are available. This treasure is a tank that thrives in the snow or desert. However, it is more than a box of steel. This beast has heavy artillery mounted on it. Once you activate it, a portal will open, and the armoured vehicle will drop from the sky. You can take out enemy infantry, structures and even other large artillery. However, there is a timer attached to the use of this power-up. Once the time elapses, the ground underneath opens, and the vessel goes away.


This is a hidden boost that you can summon from the water. There are only 22 units available, and each one sells for $300. Upon your command, it will fire tons of missiles at your opponents and hit them wherever they are hiding. The weapons work like modern cruise torpedoes. They are very effective for users who want to clear out multiple adversaries in one strike. You can use it to clear your path or during boss fights. However, it takes a longer time to recharge between shots. This is because it is regularly relocating to avoid detection.

Time Raiders NFT Presale Whitelist


Unlike other boosters, this is an animal – a Dinosaur. It is always up for battle and will fly through a portal when you call. Besides launching mayhem on your enemies, the Pterodactyl will deliver health packs to your army.  On its day, it can even drop a dinosaur. Other items it can deliver include rocks and tree trunks. Besides the attacking benefits, you can also ride this Dino to reach high places on the map. You can grab treasures that are normally out of your reach from this position. However, this boost has its downside. For example, recharge takes time, and the portals are often very short. As such, it may not be able to reach

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