Infinity Arena Holidaze Season Events
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Infinity Arena Unveils Holidaze Season Events

Infinity Arena has unveiled the activities that will comprise the Holidaze Season Events. They range from increased mining benefits to a lucky draw and a weekly puzzle. All of these functions will run from the date of this post till the end of 2022.

Details of the Infinity Arena Holidaze Season Events

The first activity on the Infinity Arena Holidaze Season Events is the Jingle and Puzzle. Every Friday (from now till the end of the year), word puzzles will be released on the Twitter handle. The winner will receive an 01 Legendary Land Ticket. This in-game power-up will help to increase your earnings in the Mining gameplay, so you cannot afford to miss out on it.

Interested persons should follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Infinity Arena Twitter handle from 8:00 AM UTC every Friday.
  • Hang around till the world puzzle is posted.
  • Try solving g it and post your answer in the comment section.
  • Retweet the original tweet and tag three friends.
  • The game will select only one winner – the first person who gives the complete and correct answer.

Next on the roster is the fantastic mining exercise. Alongside the puzzle contest, players will get double earnings by engaging in the Mining Game. More so, they do not need to hold the Legendary Land ticket. However, this is a limited update on the Infinity Arena mainnet. It will only be available till 24:00 UTC on the 31st of December. After then, the system will reset back to its former settings.

Infinity Arena Holidaze Season Events - Winter INAZORLAND

Another event on the agenda is the Winter INAZorland that will take place on the 14th and 28th of December 2022. Unlike the puzzle challenge, users will share from 20,000 $INAZ in this campaign. This will take via a two draws on the Infinity Arena Discord Server. The team will select 20 NFT Token ID at random and reward their owners with 500 $INAZ each. Although lucky persons will be chosen via raffles, those with more NFTs have better chances of getting selected.

To ensure transparency, the team will live stream each raffle on both the 14th and 28th of December. In addition, winners must claim their rewards 7 days after the livestream. Therefore, interested users must be active on Discord.

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