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Infinity Arena Announces Battle PVP Beta Launch

Infinity Arena has unveiled the Battle PVP Beta campaign. For the first time since the project’s launch, users will be opportune to edge out their opponents in duels. Besides game trial, there will be a whitelist to allow players to equip themselves and increase their chances of emerging victorious.

During the period, the developers will round up with this game mode’s design. While issuing this update, the team also pleaded with INAZor community to understand and support this experience. This is because they are prioritizing player experience.

Details of the Infinity Arena PVP Beta Launch

The Infinity Arena PVP Beta Launch is a private testing exercise and will go live on the 14th of November by 8:00 AM UTC. This event will continue for 2 weeks and end on the 28th of November at 8:00 AM UTC. When this game mode is launched, every player will receive a complete set of 30 Guardian Decks that are randomly generated. They will also select a Hero to represent them in battle. To those wondering, there will be a system that will auto-match you with your opponent in the beta test.

Like the card, the mechanism will indiscriminately pick an opposition from the players available at that point in time. When the duel begins, every participant will get the opportunity to draw a card from their deck into their hand and play it to the board at intervals. There are no limits to what you can do once it is your turn. You can either draw a card, play it, activate the Guardian’s special ability and attack the enemy simultaneously.

infinity Arena Battle PvP Gameplay

Infinity Arena PVP Beta Launch aims at helping gamers develop efficient strategies they can employ when the official version is released. Participants can learn how to exploit the Guardians’ Attack/ Life/ Mana Cost statistics and special Abilities till they vanquish their opponent. There will be no NFT or token rewards in this testnet. However, there will be 2 contests for everyone to win prizes from. They are as shown below:

  • Best Fighter: Top 10 players with the highest wins from the beta phase will receive 10 Mystery NFT Packs of Master to Elite Levels.
  • Best Battles: Participants can record, creatively edit and share their game time on social media. The best post will get 100 $BUSD from the 500 $BUSD prize pool.

Before the beta launch goes live, there will be a whitelist from the 1st to the 11th of November. After which the team will share the results on the 12th of November. By the 13th of November, there will be a Beta Access Tutorial release.

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