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Illuvium Arena Patch 0.3.4 is Now Live. Here the Details!


  • Illuvium releases the highly anticipated Arena Beta 3 v0.3.4, packed with new features and adjustments to enhance the gaming experience.
  • The introduction of Affinity and Class filters provides efficiency and convenience for players, making it easier to search for preferred Illuvials.
  • Reworks on various Illuvial lineages, such as reducing energy cost in the Beetle line and adjustments in the Dodo line, aim to balance and improve gameplay.

Illuvium, the prominent blockchain-based gaming platform, has surprised its player community with the launch of the long-awaited Arena Beta 3 v0.3.4. This new update, loaded with fresh features and adjustments, aims to further enhance the gaming experience in the Illuvium universe.

One of the standout elements of the update is the introduction of an Advanced Filtering System, warmly welcomed by the community. This system reintroduces Affinity and Class filters, providing players with a more efficient way to search and select their preferred Illuvials. This improvement not only streamlines navigation but also adds comfort to the gaming experience.

The update has also brought forth a series of reworks for various Illuvial lineages, intended to balance and enhance gameplay. Among these adjustments, notable changes include reducing the energy cost of the Beetle line, along with the addition of a new effect, “Gain Damage% Reduction on Omega.” On the other hand, the Dodo line has undergone an adjustment in its attack range, aligning it more with its melee unit nature.


Illuvium Focuses its Update on Gameplay and Balance

Meticulous attention to detail continues with improvements in the Turtle line, which, being Aegis Illuvials, now boasts enhanced resistances to both physical and energy damage. Additionally, the Thylacine line has seen a reconfiguration in the Omega damage formula, ensuring a more balanced scale across all its components.

In the realm of synergies, Illuvium has implemented significant changes. Synergies formed with Empath will now apply to the Illuvial itself, except for Aegis. This strategic change promises to broaden players’ tactical options, allowing synergies to directly benefit the activating Illuvial.

Another exciting aspect is the introduction of the Augment Limitation feature, meaning only one augment per line can be added to the team via the Team Builder. This strategic adjustment adds an extra layer of planning and decision-making to the gaming experience.

Finally, the Auction Phase has also undergone significant improvements with the introduction of a Selection Algorithm, always presenting Legendary Augments in a specific order. Additionally, Tailored Synergy Augments and a Variety of Selections have been introduced to avoid redundancy and add more variety to the available options.

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